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Liber AL "Toavotea" Decryption - - By: Fra.*. Omnia.*. Redementur.*.

A Toavotea Decryption of Liber AL vel Legis, II:76
 Frater Omnia Redementur
 A.’. A.’. Publication in Class C

 The aim of religion, the method of science:  this simple aphorism
 frequently ignored among present day Thelemites was intended by Frater
 Perdurabo to be the very foundation of the Work of the Order in this the Aeon of Heru-ra-ha.
Magick and its sister mysticism are one of
 humankind’s most ancient, perhaps instinctual subjects of study.  The
 Aeon of Isis has become to us a Dreamtime, an age of myth, when were
 performed many wonders of the Art.  Osiris divided everything in the
 mind and culture of man, as He Himself was divided.   In the West,
 magick was driven underground due to Christian persecution, militarism,
 the repression of women, and the burning of the Great Libraries.
 Religion, magick, philosophy, science, and art  were artificially
 divorced, where in pagan times they were a unity. Alchemy was the root
 of scientific inquiry; yet in later centuries the ideology of science
 rejected investigation of any but the mechanical realm of phenomena,
for which it developed a somewhat organized and consistent method of
 approaching.  Crowley’s insight was that this methodological structure
 could be gainfully applied to the surviving Wisdom Traditions of the
 world wherein the Stone of the Alchemists was still sought under diverse
 names.  Science is a religion of method, but we may use its techniques
 without being restricted by its dogmas.
 Qabalh in particular lends itself to a structured approach, as it
 speaks in the common language of Number where repeatable results may be
 obtained.  Pythagoras taught that numbers are the essential element of
 the universe, and supported his hypothesis by the fact that numerical
 patterns dance through all observable existence.  The Hebrews developed
 a similar concept, understanding Number as a language of God.  This is
 attested to by the poetry of the ThORA, most essential of ancient Jewish
 writings.  This book expresses its Truth using multiple techniques
 including gematria, showing that the roots of QBLH are as old as Judaism
 itself.  The later Qabalists became one of the most advanced mystical
 schools in recorded history, using esoteric number theory to develop
 visionary, meditative, and magickal practices.  In  Verse 1, Chapter 1
 of the Sepher Yetzirah (which Tradition claims to be the esoteric
 teachings of Abraham), we find Number listed as one of three original
 forms of divine emanation:
 "With 32 mystical paths of Wisdom engraved IH IHVH XBAVTh
 ALHI  of Israel
 King of the universe
 Merciful and Gracious
 High and Exalted
 Dwelling in eternity
 Whose Name is Holy
 He is lofty and holy-
 He created His universe with three Books:
 with Writing, with Number, and with Communication".
 Liber Legis (the ThORA of Thelema) may be considered a concealed and
 encoded document having extensive instructions on the investigation of
 number.  A first step towards decoding it must be obtaining of the order
 and value of the English alphabet as commanded in II:55.  This would
 translate the Book into numeric language, opening new dimensions of
 meaning.  Like many others, I became curious about this puzzle and
 attempted to solve it.  I ended up with the Toavotea Key, whereby the
 word "Thelema" equals 93 and the string of numbers and letters of II:76
 sums to 418.  The alphabet code is as follows:
 A-1            Z-0
 I-4            G-2
 Q-6            O-3
 Y-8            W-5
 F-10           E-7
 N-12           M-11
 V-14           U-13
 D-16           C-17
 L-18           K-19
 T-20           S-23
 B-22           H-29
 J-24           P-31
 R-26           X-28
 A numerical Exegesis of the first Chapter of Liber Legis and information
 about the origins of the Key may be found online at:
 There is a useful gematria calculator at the bottom of the page, with
 this and at least 8 other EQ systems.
 In considering the question of the order and value of the English
 Alphabet as foretold in the Text, any proposed English Qabalh is a
 hypothesis.  It must be measured against the Book, whose final litmus
 test is the encoded sequence of Verse 76 of Chapter 2.  Let us examine
 this Verse by Toavotea enumeration, to see what patterns may emerge:
 Liber AL vel Legis, II:76.
 4 6 3 8 (42A B K) 2 4 (61A L G M O R) 3 (36Y X )24 89 (136R P S T O V A
 L). 55What 87meaneth 76this, 3o 147prophet? 65Thou 89knowest 35not;
 41nor 91shalt 65thou 39know 54ever. 89There 87cometh 22one 23to 57follow
 63thee: 36he 89shall 110expound 24it. 55But 117remember, 3o 91chosen
 22one, 23to 29be 18me; 23to 57follow 56the 42love 13of 25Nu 16in 56the
 112(70star-42lit) 70heaven; 23to 43look 88forth 59upon 30men, 23to
 63tell 67them 76this 37glad 50word.
 Possible Verse Values: 3109 (31x09 =279) with numerals uncounted, 3162
 (93x34 =3162, 31+62 =93) with numerals counted as digits, 3252 (542x6)
 with 24 and 89 counted in full.
 "4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L"  equals 418
 by simple addition.  There are several ways we may analyze this string
 of numbers and words:
 Method 1) By converting all letters of the string into English numbers
 we obtain the following code of 42 numbers :
 If these digits be added together they sum to 148, a permutation of 418.
 148 is the Hebrew gematria of the the God-Name AHIH IH IHVH ALHIM,
 translated I AM Father and Mother, Tetragrammaton of the Unknowable
 Synthesis.   Other Hebrew words and phrases summing to 148 include BNI
 ALHIM, The Sons of the Creative God/dess; CMQ, to withdraw into Silence;
 MAZNIM, the Scales of Justice; and NXC, Victory, the Sephira of the
 number 7.
 Further, the numbers of the 148 sequence may be arranged as 21 2-digit
 pairs: 46+38+12+21+92+41+18+21+13+26+38+28+24+89+26+31+23+20+31+41+18.
 24 and 89, being the only 2-digit numbers in the original sequence as
 emphasized in the Manuscript, are here considered as pivots for
 interpreting the stream.  If you sum the numbers up to and including 24
 you arrive at 418.  If you sum the number pairs from 89 to the end of
 the sequence you arrive at 279, 93x3, and Hebrew gematria of the
 magickal name of Fr. Omnia Redementur, Aoyn Rysh Tyth.  This name was
 received some 4 years before Fr. O.R. began work on the Toavotea
 decryption.  Should the student will to investigate further he or she
 may consider that the English gematria of the name is 187, and its
 Hebrew gematria is 1059 in full.  Also note 1059-666 = 393.
 Other phrases from Liber Legis that sum to 279 include:
 no wrong if he look but close  = 279
 I Hadit am the complement  = 279
 Let the evil ones be cast  = 279
 the good ones be purged by  = 279
 man lust enjoy all things  = 279
 not that any God shall deny  = 279
 Because Be he damned for a dog  = 279
 the seal of the promise  = 279
 in thy rapture fall not  = 279
 is none like unto thee among men  = 279
 o blessÈd Beast and thou  = 279
 to exalt me I am the visible  = 279
 Equinox when Hrumachis  = 279
 greet Thy presence O Ra  = 279
 make to establish thy way  = 279
 I breed from her a child  = 279
 Through the fourth  = 279
 Some of these values are probably incidental regardless of the validity
 of the Key.
 This Method 1 of analysis is supported by the gematria of the Text: the
 first two segments of the sequence enumerate to 21 and 42 respectively,
 implying the binary encoding here expounded.  Note the 42 Judges of the
 dead in Amennti and the 42-fold Name of the Creative God.
 418+279 =697, which is 17 (IAO) x 41 (AM, The Mother), and thus refers
 to AHIH IH IHVH ALHIM.   The phrase "he shall expound it. But remember,
 o chosen one, to be me; to follow" = 697.
 If we sum the numbers as single digits through 89 they add to 111, with
 the numbers of RPSTOVAL  completing the quaternary by providing the
 final 37.  Considering that RPSTOVAL equals 696 (IPSOS, a Word of Maat)
 by Hebrew gematria (Rish Peh Shin Tith Ayin Vav Aleph Lamed), we may see
 this fourfold equation as expressing the progression of Aeons, and
 perhaps a  Tetragrammatic formula as well.
 The 111+37 equation may also be understood in light of 37 as the root of
 the Scale of Unity, expressing the Ten Sephiroth:
 1) 37x1 =37.  3+7=10.  1+0=1.
 2) 37x2=74.  7+4=11.  1+1=2.
 3) 37x3=111.  1+1+1=3.
 4) 37x4=148.  1+4+8=13.  1+3=4.
 5) 37x5=185.  1+8+5=14.  1+4=5.
 6) 37x6=222.  2+2+2=6.
 7) 37x7=259.  2+5+9=16.  1+6=7.
 8) 37x8=296.  2+9+6=17.  1+7=8.
 9) 37x9=333.  3+3+3=9.
 10) 37x10=370.  3+7+0=10.  1+0=1.
 This pattern repeats forever.  37 (ICIDH, The Crown) is the 13th prime
 number; further showing 37 as an expression of Unity.
 Method 2) As 11 numerals and 19 letters.  11x19 =209, half 418.
 The 11 numerals add to 143, 13x11.
 The 19 letters add to 275, 25x11.  Also 55x5- note the explosive force
 of this number.  275 as the value of the letters of the sequence perhaps
 speaks of the creative power of language.
 (13+25)x11 =418.
 275-143 = 132, gematric value of the name Heru ra ha.
 1+4+3+2+7+5=22, the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet.  22x19=418.
 The following phrases of Liber Legis equal 209:
 Every man and every woman = 209
 name and splendour  = 209
 is the serpent  = 209
 have a secret glory  = 209
 mine incense before me  = 209
 particle of dust  = 209
 just I am eight and one  = 209
 I am alone there is no God  = 209
 of the Book of the Law  = 209
 in the kisses of Nu  = 209
 worship thy name  = 209
 of the man and the name  = 209
 its rays consume Me  = 209
 in my way Let her work  = 209
 abased I will bring you  = 209
 on go on in my strength  = 209
 torn upon wheels  = 209
 of the word of the God  = 209
 the God enthroned  = 209
 Method 3: We may accept the natural segmentation of the Text, then
 multiply each segment by 11, which has proven itself an universal Key in
 unlocking Liber Legis.  The letters should be considered as both their
 Hebrew and English Values.  With this technique we observe the following:
 4+6+3+8 = 21, x 11 = 231, sum of the numbers 0-21 and sum of the Master
 Numbers 11-66.  Alternately, we could use the values of the pairs: 46
 and 38.  46x11= 506, which is 418+88, as by 220, 1:46. See Method 7.
 38x11= 418.
 ABK = 23 in Hebrew, 42 in English.
 23x11 = 253, sum of the numbers 0-22 and half of 506.  253 is the value
 of the phrase "Every number is infinite".
 42x11= 462, 231x2.
 2+4= 6.  6x11 =66, sum of the numbers 0-11 and sum of the Master Numbers
 ALGMOR = 344 in Hebrew, 61 in English.
 344 is 86(ALHIM) x4; may be understood as the Pentagram expressed
 through the square of  manifest elements, with Spirit concealed within.
 Note 3x44 =132, Heru-ra-ha.
 344x11 = 3784, or 86 x 44(DM, Blood).  Also note 37+84 =121, 11x11.
 61x11 =671, perhaps the holiest of Jewish numbers, being the gematria of
 ThORA, the Law, the Word of God Most High.  Also ThROA, the Gate; ROThA,
 the Wheel; and ADNI spelt in full.
 3x11 = 33.  Note that the sum of the numbers 0-33 is 561, a permutation
 of 156 and 165.  561 is the number of  AThQIN, Cain; also DXNIVThA,
 Concealed Mystery.  Mystery is a name of Babalon, Mother of Abominations
 of the Earth.  Also note 56x1, and 5x61 =305, ALHIM spelt in full.
 YX = 100 in Hebrew, 36 in English.
 100x 11 = 1100, 220x5 and 55x20, as if it were said: The Fortune of
 MLKVTh is the moving Wheel of Law.
 36x11= 396,  132 (Heru-ra-ha) x3  and sum of the Master Numbers 11-88.
 24x11= 264, 132 x2. 89x11 =979.
 24+89 =113, the 31st Prime number.  113x11 = 1243.
 RPSTOVAL equals 696 in Hebrew, 136 in English.
 696x 11= 7656.  76+56 =132.
 136x11 = 1496.  1496-1243 = 253.
 Method 4: We may consider the straightforward gematria of the sequence:
 4+6+3+8 =21, AHIH in Hebrew,  sum of the numbers 0-6.   Mystic Number of
 ThPARTh: the 6th Sephira, gematria 1081, sum of the numbers 0-46, and
 the Hierophant or Redeemer-  may be referred to the Holy Guardian Angel.
 718-697 =21.
 ABK =42, the English value of the words Agape and Love.
 2+4 =6, sum of the numbers 0-3.  Also note 24 as the English gematria of
 the words Law and Tao.
 3- sum of the numbers 0-2, referred to both CKMH and BINH.  Note that
 BINH has a value of 67 in both English and Hebrew.
 YX =36, sum of the numbers 0-8, 8 being CITh, 418.  Also note that the
 sum of the numbers 0-36 is 666.
 24 (Law)+89(Knowledge) =113, the 31st prime number and gematria of the
 words "continuity" and "extended."
 RPSTOVAL = 136, 17(IAO) x 8(CITh, HVD).  136 is the gematria of the
 following words in the Law: "threefold", "double-wanded", "expiration"
 and "penetrant".
 Method 5:  We may turn the numbers of the code into words and extract
 the gematria, thus: four six three eight ABK two four ALGMOR three YX
 twenty-four eighty-nine RPSTOVAL =931 by Toavotea.  Note 93x1 and 9x31.
 Other phrases in Liber Legis summing to 931 include:
 lest there be folly he shall comment thereupon by the wisdom of Ra Hoor
 Khu it = 931
 Let it be that state of manyhood bound and loathing So with thy all thou
 hast no right=931
 But to love me is better than all things if under the nightstars in the
 desert =931
 if under the nightstars in the desert thou presently burnest mine
 incense  = 931
 all prophets true save only that they understand a little solve the
 first  = 931
 Lift up thyself for there is none like unto thee among men or among Gods
 Lift up thyself = 931
 shalt thyself convey it with worship o prophet though thou likest it not
 = 931
 slain Ankh af na khonsu Whose words are truth I invoke I greet Thy
 presence O Ra Hoor  = 931
 O Ra Hoor Khuit Unity uttermost showed I adore the might of Thy breath
 Supreme  = 931
 is a key also And Abrahadabra It shall be his child & that strangely Let
 him not seek  = 931
 Method 6: 418 being the primary gematria of the encoded sequence, we may
 profit from reviewing other phrases in Liber Legis adding to that
 the consciousness of the continuity  = 418
 Accursed! Accursed!  be it to the aeons =418
 will unassuaged of purpose delivered  = 418
 words and signs Ra Hoor Khuit hath  = 418
 Ra Hoor Khuit hath taken his seat  = 418
 floor of that palace is of silver and gold  = 418
 pure heart and the Serpent flame  = 418
 wings and arouse the coiled splendour  = 418
 rapturous love song unto me Burn to me  = 418
 the blue lidded daughter of Sunset  = 418
 pure joy that all the sorrows are  = 418
 I am none indeed The Empress and the King  = 418
 of me for there is a further secret  = 418
 I am The Empress & the Hierophant  = 418
 innocence is a lie Be strong o man lust enjoy  = 418
 am the secret Serpent coiled about  = 418
 venom then is rapture of the earth  = 418
 the 4 there is a fifth who is invisible  = 418
 is a fifth who is invisible therein am I as  = 418
 thou shalt look upon with gladness  = 418
 Nu prophet of Had prophet of Ra  = 418
 our agelong love Come lift up thine heart  = 418
 o chosen one to be me to follow the love of Nu in  = 418
 me to follow the love of Nu in the star lit  = 418
 your Kiblah for ever It shall not fade  = 418
 Ra Hoor Khu is with thee Worship  = 418
 Fear not at all fear neither men nor Fates  = 418
 Abramelin and olive oil and afterward soften  = 418
 of the moon monthly then the fresh  = 418
 or dropping from the host of heaven  = 418
 is of open brass work burn thereon  = 418
 gods and death To tremble before Thee  = 418
 have made a secret door Into the House of  = 418
 shall make swift and secure thy pen  = 418
 laugh at their fear spit upon them  = 418
 crawl through dusk wet streets  = 418
 herself in pride Let her follow me in  = 418
 Let her kill her heart Let her  = 418
 with joy with my force shall she see  = 418
 I will be at your arms in battle ye shall  = 418
 shall be translated into all tongues  = 418
 discover the Key of it all Then this  = 418
 laugh at their fear spit upon them  = 418
 also And Abrahadabra It shall be his  = 418
 fourfold word the blasphemy against  = 418
 Method 7: We may apply Keys found in other parts of the Book, such as
 the numbers 55, 165, 253, 506, and 671.  These numbers unlock 220, I:46
 as follows:
 Liber Legis, I:46- "Nothing is a secret key of this law.  Sixty-one the
 Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen".
 I:47- "But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear".
 88+418 =506 (concentrates to 56, 11), 46(Had)x11.
 671(ThORA)= 61x11.
 671-418(38x11) = 253, sum of the numbers 1-22, half of 506, and 23x11.
 61-38-23= 0.
 55= Aum Ha.
 55 is the mystic number of MLKVTh,sum of the numbers 1-10.
 55x4 =220. 55x7, 77x5 =385.  132+253 =385.  55+77 =132(Heru ra ha).
 "eight, eighty" =132.
 165= sum of master numbers 11-55, 55x3, 15x11, 33x5.  Crowley states in
 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings: "165. 11 x XV, should be a number
 Capricorni Pneumatici.  Not yet fulfilled".
 I offer these formulae towards its fulfillment:
 165+55 =220.
 165+88= 253.
 165+220= 385.
 165+253= 418.
 165+341= 506.  See Method 8 for more on 341.
 165+506= 671.
 165+671= 836, 418x2.
 165x5= 825, 515+310.
 The Qabalist Nemo Pandragon offered these reflections on the I:46
 Keys in private correspondence:
 "165 is 33 x 5 and 55 x 3. 55 is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 10.
 The number 3 always makes me think that it is whirling around trying to
 find the missing piece. It's needy. If we satisfy its need with another
 55 it becomes 220. In Sepher Sephiroth 165 is, among other things, NEMO
 a name of the Master of the Temple.
 253 is, as you point out, the sum of the numbers from 1 to 22. It is 11
 x 23. Now, 22 is one of my very favorite numbers for obvious reasons,
 but 23 shows up all the time as if to say: "Get over it." I think 23 is
 the transcendence of 22 as 11 is the transcendence of 10. Both 10 and 22
 show a complete cycle, they have no need. They are complete and thus
 run the risk of being static, of not changing. 11 and 23 are like new
 beginnings. So I think 253 is a powerfully active number. One of the
 correspondences in Sephir Sephiroth is "proselytes." Proselytes have
 made a new beginning.
 506, according to Sephir Sephiroth, is Taurus, the bull. Note that if we
 rotate the symbol for Taurus 90 degrees clockwise it is the first Greek
 letter Alpha. If we continue around for another 90 degrees it is the
 English letter A. Although Aleph means ox its symbol looks more like the
 plow that would be pulled behind an ox. Also 500 is the numeration of
 the final form of Kaph, the mouth, and 6 the number of Vav the nail,
 slang for penis. This seems to point to a combination of the most subtle
 spiritual thought and the male ejaculation. The notion is that you can
 use your own body to make drugs to illuminate the mind. Certainly, the
 body of a well formed bud will illuminates the mind when eaten.
 671 is a lovely number. The magical self which both is and is not. It's
 a bit like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 'For pure will,
 unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way
 perfect. The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay,
 are none!' - 220, 1: 44 & 45. The number 671 is 61, the number of Ain
 multiplied by 11, the number of Magick and an iteration of the 0 = 2
 formula. All the purpose of the will is present, without any
 taken away, but the conniving, self-conscious, and self interested
 egoism of power-over is nil, completely absent. This Magick is an act of
 faith rather than calculation. The outcome is a greater connection to
 here and now, in which is found the secret door, not some lifeless
 object denoting wealth or social advantage. It is the mating of Nuit (61)
 and Hadit (11), hence all and none at once".
 When these Keys are applied to II:76, further equations evolve:
 165+279 =444.
 253+444 =697.
 165+148 =313, the 66th Prime.  31x3 =93.
 506-148 =358, MShIC and NCSh.
 253+148 =401, ATh, the Alpha and Omega, refers to Name or Essence.
 671-279 =392, 56x7.
 55+220 =275, 55x5.  See Method 2.
 253+209 =462.  671-209 also equals 462.  462 is 42(Agape)x11.
 55+418 =473, 11x43.  253+220 also =473.
 132+209 =341, 11x31.
 Method 8: Let us finally consider the gematric value of some other
 phrases of II:76.
 a"The love of Nu" and RPSTOVAL both =136.
 b "one to follow thee" =165.
 c"look forth upon men" =220.
 d"to be me, to follow" =149, value of the phrase "Love is the law"
 e"be me, to follow the love of Nu in the star lit heaven, to look forth"
 = 671.
 f"tell them this" = 206, DBR, Word or Voice.  "tell them this glad word"
 g"to be me" = 70, gematria of the words Hadit and Heaven.
 h"o chosen one, to be" =168, 56x3.  "o chosen one, to be me" =186,
 93x2 and gematria of the phrases "Do what thou wilt" and "Equinox of the
 i "not nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee"  =666.
 j "expound it.  But remember, o chosen one, to be" =474, Hebrew DOTh.
 k "Nu in the star lit heaven" = 279.  "he shall expound it. But
 remember, o chosen one, to be me; to follow" = 697.
 l"There cometh one to follow thee" = 341, 31x11 and sum of the 3
 Mother Letters.
 m "he shall expound it" =259,  37x7 and gematria of the phrase
 "four hundred & eighteen".
 Again, all partial phrases are considered as possibly irrelevant, but
 are here recorded for future evaluation.
 These are but preliminary investigations of a continuing research
 project- I’m certain there are other patterns here that have not been
 found.  I haven’t even begun to explore the possible Temurah
 permutations of the II:76 sequence, the applications of Liber
 Trigrammaton, nor the full implications of the 42 number code of Method I.
 I know others will see things that I would never think to look for- a
 Qabalist who is also a trained mathematician (which I’m not) would
 perhaps be better suited to interpret the data here presented.  This
 essay, far from being comprehensive or final,  is intended to
 demonstrate the value of the Toavotea Key and record some initial lines
 of inquiry.  Being in Class C it is open ended speculation-
 some of the results are meaningful and some are probably dead ends, of
 which there have been many more than here written.  This may not be
 the Key intended by Aiwass- I enjoy trying to imagine what a better one
 might do.  My hope is that this Work may at the least contribute towards
 the evolution of scientific discipline in future speculative Qabalh
 exercises among Thelemites-  while Ra Hoor Abideth at the helm and is
 Received as pure will, Tahuti guides through the Ruach.  Without
 coherent methodology we’re just another bunch of armchair philosophers,
 wingnuts, and newage flakes- the state of affairs our founder spent his
 life trying to remedy.   Magick is art and science conjoined; should it
 be lacking in either capacity then is disease in the body of ADM QDMVN.
 Magick is of CKMH, intuition BINH: the Ruach aspires to ThPARTh where
 it may begin its journey home by Camel through Knowledge and
 Annihilation.  But it will not reach the Encounter with itSelf at the
 center of the Tree at all unless it travel the paths of Apocalypse and
 the Open Eye, from the Daughter through Splendour to Beauty.  "Let the
 fine be tried in intellect"- may we not neglect the Ordeals of 8.
 I lay down this sword, that it may serve as a yardstick: I am skeptical
 of the Toavotea Key; but any past or future attempts to solve the order
 and value of the English Alphabet should work as well or better to
 invite further consideration.  It is quite possible that Aiwass employed
 multiple ciphers in the writing of the Book- there may be more than one
 "correct" answer, or the answer may be in the seeking.  An evaluation
 of methodology and results among the most well known EQ systems would be
 a rewarding thesis- to my knowledge no one has yet done a comparison
 study. Considering the wealth of teaching that would in theory be
 expressed by an English letter code correctly riddled from Liber Legis,
 it is worth the time and effort to investigate.   May we serve our own
 wills, and do honor to the Aeon in our hands.
 Aum.  Ha.
 Love is the law, love under will.
 -Frater Omnia Redementur

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