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All is God, but the purpose of God is the goddess, who I call Sophia. The terms god and goddess are interchangeable. These words are an attempt to express what I've learned of the God and Goddess. Do not seek the end, but seek the beginning, for where the beginning is, the end will be.

1.Take that crown you see in heaven and put it on your head.

God did not make it for himself, but for you.


So long as that crown lies not on thy head, ye shall be a slave.


2. Yeshua was just a man.
Jesus is a lie.
Christ is eternal, everywhere, and being born each second.


3. When Christ met Lucifer, he did not revile and rebuke him.

He embraced him, looked him in the eye and said, "Brother, you may end your rebellion at any time, our father waits for you. Take my hand brother, let's go home."


4. Ignorance is unsustainable.
Any system based in ignorance is unsustainable.
Time and nature, Chronos and Rhea, will, by necessity, end anything unsustainable.

Ignorance is hubris, even Zeus made this mistake. Herein lies a great secret. Even Chronos rebelled against his parents, an act of hubris. Even Uranus(yang) and Gaia(yin) rebelled against something, and even they have hubris, and are ignorant.

What is the parent of Uranus and Gaia? It rebelled against nothing, for it was perfectly​ pure. But we live in the world of archons, rulers (governments), so far from the Pure that it's names are reviled and laughed at, thought of as a joke, as foolishness, or as such common names we give them no weight. Don't believe anything on your journey other than what your eyes and mind agree on. Earth, time, light and dark will fade, but that thing will remain.


5. If you look within yourself will find a void.

Stop trying to fill it, you cannot. To some it is a source of great pain as they try to fill that void, but it can also be the source of all joy and wisdom!!!


6. The further away you think enlightenment is, the further away it will be.


7. Yeshua said, "What you seek, you will find. If you knock, the door will be opened!"

I say, what you find front of yourself is what you've sought for, whether you knew it or not.


8.The opposite of ignorance is enlightenment.
It looks allot like curiosity.
Enlightenment is not some lofty goal set aside for a few, it is a basic mind set available for all.

The empire doesn't want anyone to know this as empires don't work well with an enlightened population, for they ask questions, and put no faith in what they do not know themselves.

Simply deny ignorance, cultivate curiosity and believe nothing your mind and body don't agree on.

You are enlightened each day without knowing! Now rise up and take your destiny human!! You are as divine as you are mortal, and yet you can rise above both!!!


9. You will never rid your lawn of dandelions if you only pick the flower.


You must dig to find the root, and when you find it rip it from its home and cast it into the fire.


10. Ignorance is the father of all sin, but pride is the firstborn.


11. Feel joy, there is much for which to be happy.

Feel sadness, there is much for which to be miserable.

Feel rage, there is much for which to be furious.

Feel curious, there is much for which you can be curious.

Feel shame, for you have much to be ashamed of.

Feel arrogant, for you are a god.

Feel enlightened, for there is much wisdom you contain.

Feel ignorant, there is much which you close your eyes and mind to.

Feel powerless, for you are but a mortal.

Feel eternal, for as your body fades, your soul shall continue.


Make peace in times of war.

Make war in times of peace.

Make the higher like the lower and the inner like the outer.


Know thyself.


12. Every religion, philosophy and idea based in ignorance will eventually be cleansed from this Earth. All your pathetic idols will fail you, your gods will not listen, because they never were.

Turn your mind to logic and wisdom and empathy. Do not depend on faith but use it as the priest used it against you!

All that was born will die, and only the eternal will remain. Ph'nglui mglw'nahf Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl f'tagn.


13. The limitations you accept are the limitations you'll be bound by. You make yourself mortal. The gods made you immortal, divine, only you take that from yourself.


14. Pride was the first sin after ignorance.
Do not be proud mortals, your accomplishments mean nothing in the long run.

If you can't see the ignorance in pride then you've already fallen.... End your rebellion, you only rebel against yourself.


15. In my church, there will be no Shepherd, each sheep will be awakened, and they will be their own herd, and their own shepherd.


16. The fear of the Lord the beginning of wisdom. - King Solomon.

To you who ask questions, fear in ancient Hebrew was the same word for awe and reference, like when your​ heart is filled to the brim at the sight of something moving and wonderful.

To fear the Lord simply means to see the wonder and marvel of all that is! Also the Hebrew word fear is connected to the word sight.

Jesus said once when asked about the ten commandments, that there are only two.
To know thy God,
And to love your neighbor like yourself.

Notice Jesus use of words. He didn't say, "worship the god of Israel", he said KNOW THY GOD!!!!

What is gods name? I am that I am. It is the I within us all, the same I behind my eyes is the I behind your eyes, this is why the second commandment is to love your neighbor like yourself.

Once you find God within you will see God in all others, and your love will grow into a flame so great that even the sun turns his face and cannot look directly at you.


17. Fight your enemies first with logic, second with love, and third with steel.


18. The Antichrist is not a man. He is everywhere, corrupting everything.

It is up to Christ, YOU, to fight him everywhere!!!


19. How can love exist when the only ones to bear it are too tainted by pride and ignorance to even allow it to flourish?

It is like a light house who's light the sailors can only see flashing, skipping in and out of existence, the very existence of which is a tenuous assumption.

True love can only exist between two who purge themselves of pride and ignorance, or at least those who try, for the desire alone to know more and to love more will lead to that outcome.

Easier said than done, but better to try than not to.


20. What you see in others is what exists in you.
If you see only their good and virtue, it is because those things fill you.
If you only see the evil in others, the darkness and the ignorance, it is because those things exist in you.


21. It is good to listen, but it it's better to hear.

It is good to look, but it is better to see.


22. Love is a great Mystery. There is mortal love and eternal love. Mortal love takes many forms, but it is always temporary, like with all things mortal, and it comes from the heart. Eternal love does not come from the heart, but from the spirit, which fills the heart. Anything you may love with your heart must have a symbol, an idol, and is idolatry. True love, eternal love, has no idol, no stone could ever hold its features. That love, eternal love, once found, will fill the heart until the heart turns back into dust.


23. The mind is like soil. In some soil you may plant fruit trees, in other soil, wheat. In some soil nothing but bramble and thorns can grow, which although they can produce raspberries and roses, they will choke out the other plans, and prick your hand as you seek to harvest from them. In the end, if not taken care of properly, the brambles will take over everything.


The gods are constantly sewing seed into the soil of the minds of sentient things, the sewing never ends. We can do nothing about this, for it is beyond us, for who can make the planets stand still?


The road to Sophia, to wisdom, is not by trying to control the seed which falls, for who can tell Diana, the moon, to stay hidden and Great Apollo not to shine? What we must do to find the Tree of Life, which holds all knowledge, and is all knowledge? We must make our soil rich and fertile and ready to recieve the seed of wisdom, that the tree of wisdom might grow within us. Than we must raise the plant, feed it, water it, prune it and keep it safe from insects.


What you do within, will shine without.

Make the higher like the lower, the inner like the outer. Make the light like darkness and make darkness shine!! To do so you must find the source of light and darkness, for where the beginning is, the end will be.


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