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Time, the only thing you truly own. Consider you own death truthfully and completely. Then work to seek life in every moment.
Practically speaking, wake up early. Earlier that what is necessary to make it into work on time. 
Do not start the day, your day, in a fearful/frantic charge to beat the clock.
Make the clock your own. Wake up early before the sun rises, and prepare yourself for the day.
The day will be regardless. It is in your power though, to either let the day run over you or for you to rule the day.
Focus on the little things in your routine, adjust, and optimize. Rule your time, because it is finite.
We tend to think in terms of grandiose goals and targets that are so far out of reach.
Yet we forget the action that could be taken now.
And we forget the inevitable end, death.

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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