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The family unit and the extended family.
Father, mother, brother and sister. Direction and also hinderance, but nonetheless inspiration.
Extended family friends, honesty and support. If you are messing up, close friends will let you know.
If you are going through some tough time, friends and family will support.
When these frameworks are removed through divorce, relocation, or just plain disconnection, the individual is forced to stand on their on feet.
This experience can have either a positive or negative outcome, but either way this situation is much more prevalent in recent generations.
War plays a big part in this, and to a larger degree government in general.
The consequences of those actions are subtle but long lived through generations.
I refer back to the beginning statement.

Without the support of familial network, people can feel lost obviously, but also be easily manipulated.
Drawn to shiny things to help distract from what is missing.
Lost in the wave of commercialized emotion.
If it scratches the dopamine itch, you become the next user and disciple.
Spreading the word across the land of the shiny, shallow, jargon mask of ego.

Its easy to stop growth when the root has been severed.
Connection replaced with connectedness...

So the way I see is that either the individual learns to stand independently and create his or own family to progress.
Or the individual is lost, melting in a sea of corporate/government/media based socialistic ideology where the very definition of the word "individual" sits in the same ashes as those who wrote those great esoteric grimoires of free thought and expression in their time now remain.
Dulled by the waves of information and distraction. In the vast sea searching for the lighthouse by calling to gods, demons, and spirits to save.

The lighthouse is already there, within, if you so choose to look for it.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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