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History check, how long was Christianity around before Islam was created/received?

Roughly 700 years.
How many different forms of Christianity were created by the splintering of the Roman Empire?
Think about this to present date. How many names of denominations are they that fly the flag of Christianity now?

Now Islam only lasted as a single cohesive religion as long the prophet was alive.
As soon as he died, you have Sunni and Shiite that still battle to this day

It's the same pattern/progression of civilization in general.
Once is built, eventually it splinters, and eventually it collapses.
Same with a tree in a forest, and nature in general.

Same with the individual, but with the possibility of conscious awareness and free will.

If the pattern is that of creation, growth, splintering, then destruction, accept this.
Then apply the results of this process to something that is that same, and yet more substantial in its reach.

Practically the idea might look something like this.
The "dot" is the individual. On either side is a line.
One representing destruction, the other creation.
The slope represents spiritual progress.

The question is, do you travel up or down?
And which side of the line do you tilt to head in that direction?

The cool thing is, and as so the pendulum must swing, as the tilt of that line adjusts, the slope continues.
That tiny little dot becomes bigger, figuratively. More steps placed. More land traveled.
Then the slope is understood, thanks to the line.
The cycle of destruction and creation is now a tool of understanding not constraint.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within, So Without

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