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This is one of the first works i wrote i was i think 13 or so


Deep in the ground a soul cries for loving.

A spirit begging for his lost reality.

The same full of those fighting like insane over a piece of old bread,

Than smiling satisfied. People killing one another.

Like the fools who broke his soul.

Now lost in the sky, flying aimlessly.

In a reality full of love and hate


They left the lonesome spirit in the sharp freezing breeze.

Took him in the path of the ever lasting fire.

Making him lose the last drop of love he had

the rain will be his tears now and the sun his eyes

misunderstood by the world of a virtual insantity

lost in the land of the ever lasting fear


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Comment by flameinthesnow on September 20, 2017 at 2:48pm

Oh bless your young heart, how intense.

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