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What do you do when the knife hits your chest?

When it runs across pale skin and digs deep into your heart

The warfare spend through the years becomes meaningless

The strive vanishes and the importance of life and only life is there.

Would you hate your killer in the end?

The one who took your life? Are they good or bad?

If death is only transition wouldn’t they be a rescuer?

What is the meaning of life if death means freedom?

Is death a part of life or are they one and the same?


The moment this knife pierces the heart there will be only one thing left

 Love for the people who meant the most.

Hope to see them again on the other side

And the unbroken bond between hearts that have been one for eons.

That last breath, your life passing by in your fleeting memories.

The most important thing in this life will not be what you achieved,

But how much you loved and allowed to be loved.

The number of smiles in your soul, not money in your bank.


6 feet under we are all the same brothers and sisters

Not one skeleton is better than the other

And not one soul has more value than another.

Yet we are all different and bring new and different colours

To the enigma of life, this perfect work of art

The journey of the red road, on the way to back to us.

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Comment by Daniel X on May 14, 2020 at 5:05pm

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return . That's a quote from nature Boy

Comment by Loki on October 29, 2019 at 9:50pm

It's difficult to appreciate family,

too many times in this life that's truth.

Anger rises in me now,

just as much for the failures of my resilience.

Feathers and chiding humor are  like a triad with lashes and hugs,

if one is tied down the feather can seem much more devilish!

To see the children in people is a blessing and a curse.

A reminder of the need for strength and voice,

yet also self-guidance and understanding,

more than once my patience fails!..

It's difficult to see family sometimes,

but that seeing is a foundation of beauty all the same.

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