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Love, as best as I can see it, is embrace.
These are just words, and these string of characters can be interpreted in different ways.

But words are limited, frankly.
This is why myth and storytelling is so important.
I'll take a page from Martin Faulks lectures on memory and say that for a concept to truly be absorbed, or made one's own, it needs to have depth and width.
Depth/width of experience and/or repetition (there's more branches to hold onto).

So this concept of love, is only fully understood as such. Through experience and/or repetition.
It's interesting to think of this "word" like this, because it would seem that the understanding is only made possible through experience.
Mental exercise now, what came first? The word or the experience?

It's just a word, but through life experience, it becomes something more.
These experiences can be similar or dissimilar, but the anchor of thought, the word, guides perception.
This accepted viewpoint then "colors" our interpretation of events.

So, it's through our self, that the word has meaning. Purpose.
Love, 4 characters, now imbued with connections to experience, roots. A living thought.

Fear. Another word, with it's own definitions, colors, and expectations of experience.
Same process. Different direction, same path.

Which direction should one walk?

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