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In this dream things were different, I had full control of everything, felt really good. I could shapeshift, teleport, telekinesis, invisibility and many more with my will.

In this dream i was a "x-men" with the ability to absorb other energies = me taking their abilities. I grew very powerful, not much could stop me.

I dont remember everything in detail, but ill do my best.

It all started in a room with "Jean"(the x-men,the redhead)
She was "upset" more or less, so i spoke to her (dont remember what)
then Charles Xavier turned up, as soon has he appeared im made myself invisible.
He started scanning Jean's mind, Jean told him not to.. Then i made myself visible, I said something like "you still doing this?" with a huge almost evil smile (something about the dream, i felt more or less evil).

Then its more or less black for a moment, i also woke up a few times, but everytime i fell back to sleep i arrived at the same dream just a moment after.

So back to the dream, In this phase Jean was gone, It was just me, in a house.. i was looking for someone, a woman, I felt a great need of having sex (happens alot in my dreams) Found her, we did not have sex, since i stopped following that desire the moment i saw her. Not that she was ugly or anything.

Seconds after i found her, this huge dude came, almost like a hulk, he pushed me up the wall screaming at me, i think he was protecting the woman (the one i looked for) then i absorbed his strenght, becoming more powerfull, i threw away the man.

Black again, no memory here.think i even woke up here.

Back to the dream, Now i met Mary-jane (spidermans gf) I tricked her, shapeshifting into spiderman, she believed it we made out, thats about that.

Now i was in a car with (what i think was MJ) driving around, i then was pulled out of reality, my reality (meaning the one im currently in)
I was brought to what seemed like a higher dimension.I then discovered something that i believe is a "higher" truth. I took the whole expereicne and turned into a pearl with the universe inside (kinda like the perls in men in black 1O)
I was like "wow" i got proof for the multiverse, so i said lets go to the avengers (yes the marvel avengers) i wanted them to take a look on it.

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