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Time is an elusive partner, and now only reveals a fraction of it. The stuff between time and now is the least amount of energy required to make anything move in any direction. It always happen somewhere - the least energy required for motion. The more energy applied, the higher the motion. The least amount of energy to make anything move is B, for belief. It is B=E/ħ, where E is energy and ħ is Dirac’s constant. Anything moves in increments of belief and everything consists of energy.

The basis
QI-v - chi frequency - is a way to define relationships of singular entity's belief. The single definitions are known as care and holds the quantity of belief in those relationships as the observable, an observation and its observers. The three generations with all their possibilities alltogether is divine gumption. Those three generations in their defined states, as care, represents states of being. They are defined in three base twelve numbers, as the quantity that the most fundamental orbits circulates around. This particular way of definition in numbers only involves zero in a free standing way, representing infinity; on account to it always being counted from as the difference to any number we are at.

Natural number counting begins at one, where a comma marks a transition into fractions, and the fractions of the numbers are the fractions in the actual number stated, as opposed to them amounting up to the number after the stated integer. Stacking dots marks the generation having been stated, such as; "Q,0.I,0:v,0⫶", where Q is the charge of gumption (the observable), I is the current of gumption (an observation) and v is the freedom of gumption (its observers). Zero, as it is infinity, means that those fractions are the same as the whole integer numbers stated in Q, I and v.
Belief is the dimensional confinement of the generation stated and it contains both a position and a momentum, where the position of always is zero. The velocity of the momentum is infinite and moves between space and time at that rate, so it is always in every position in all of space-time. The potential of belief is what it is measured in and it is relatively big in all cases; B=E/ħ, where B is belief, E is energy and ħ is Dirac's constant.


Everything is potential. Potential flows between the three generations as physics. Any energy settles into its quantity equivalent aspect where physics is due. Physics is due to three reasons - the observable, an observation and its observers. The relationship between those three dictates what happens to any energy expressed by a specific belief. Belief first happens with the observers. If the observers has a belief, it has moved on to the observation. Any individual belief withstanding the current outlook, has it surviving the stage of observation. If it survived, it then moved on to the observable. In the observable stage, anything acting on the underlying belief has its significance happen to it.

Anything that can happen in the universe, will and is happening in it. Belief compartmentalizes those events into reason, and by doing so converges into care. Significance is in care, as belief points out when being in a state of complete submersion with the generations of gumption. The first generation - the observable - is the collection of value that represents a quantity of 1B in the second generation. The second generation - an observation - is the collection of value that represents a quantity of 1B in the third generation. Physics of the generations changes according to all physics in relation to it all still being B=E/ħ. Everything acts according to this dual nature; the physics having both a plain and an innate nature.

Each generation has its own different set of the same kinds of particles, their potential making them act on each other according to their set values. The first generation, although being only plain, still has an innate side to it, two actually - they are simply plain too. The plain nature is that B=E/ħ. The innate nature is that every unit of B holds the value of the previous generation in regard as physical quality. The second generation is doubly plain and one innate nature. The third generation holds both the first and the second generation in regard, as direct and indirect innate nature and then has one nature plain. Because of this, the first generation can in all fairness be called the indirect nature, the second generation be called the direct nautre and the third generation be called primary nature. It is only these three natures that are utilized in formulation of care, as they suffice in defining the moment.

Its physics

The speed of light is a boundless field, divisible into an infinite amount of possible units. The pinnacle of infinity is the light's forward motion, creating the moment; each moment a unit in the second generation of gumption. As zero is infinity, fractions of zero represents other fields, and fractions of other numbers represents the excitation of those fields. This is only applicable when using zero as specified above in "The Basis", in what I call Byzantine mathematics. This is due to zero otherwise in actuality just being one. Any number is an infinitesimal part of the light and zero interchangeably.

The physics of Byzantine math has all whole numbers summing up to the speed of light, as per B=E/ħ each unit. The speed of light is also locally lp/tp, being the boundaries of its innate infinity, where lp is the Planck length and tp is Planck time. The light is the events in planck time, as excitations in the quantum fields. Any field's excitation can be described with energy as a unit. When divided by Dirac's constant, energy gains a location in the boundless field that is the speed of light - belief. The location of energy for magical purposes, this way has no momentum but only a position in the light, and it is care. It is only momentous in the three generations together, holding a relative measure of belief.

I believe that there is an infinite possibility for dimensional confinement in gumption. Those dimensions can be specified in care, where the three generations each holds a logic that by the numbers of belief operates in distinct manners. The manners are in accordance with six fundamental laws - four witch are discovered and two that are not. Magic would act according to the first generation holding the force of gravity in its integer numbers and magnetism as its fractions. The second generation holds the weak nuclear force in its integer numbers and the strong nuclear force as its fractions. The two remaining is yet to be discovered but they would be the weak and strong interdimensional forces.

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