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I am a crafter and an energy worker. I am making magically enchanted items for like 5-6 years and got many valuable experiences that i want to share with you. I hope it will be benefical for some of you. 


I may refer the enchanted item as "charm" "talisman" "magical item". All of them is used for same thing.


Enchanted item crafting is far different from accessory making. The maker could craft it with 3d printer then add natural stones and paint. If he crafts a item like that it will be not magical. Talismans like that ones are not different from crystal bead bracelets or a badge with chaos sign on it.


The charm should be a processor of energy. Maker must provide an energy source for the magical item and make itconnected with the charm and make the energy flowing through the item. The persons itself can be used as an energy provider. Energy connection can be fully mental, but this can make the connection be interruptable by some outside effects and not the safest channel to use.  The magical item have presence in physical world so using binding rituals, sigils, blood bind, or using hair, nail etc. will grant stronger connection. A part of a meaningful item that belongs to person will do the same work.


The charm should have a target or a purpose. It must channel the manipulated energy to something.  Its energy can be focused to an entity, a place, a possibility, a desire,  or anything that can be affected by energy.


Controlling the energy is an another pinpoint in enchanted item crafting. The energy provided for your charm can be thin but valuable so the maker do not want it to be spoiled. Sealing is one of the most important part of a creation. There are different ways of anchoring the energy to a physical instrument and block its unwanted flow. Wrapping the item or giving it some shelter  for blocking energy transfer both ways in and out is needed. This will also protect the item from outside effects.


Blocking the energy output way but continuously giving energy to the item is the process of  charging it. Most of the magical items have a switch to make them active. You can remove the seal or activate it from the switch to unleash the stored energy in the charm. If the maker used an unlimited energy source, there will be no need of sealing or charging the item.


Materials are the most important part of charm making. They are only regeants that come from unknown. Everything must be as natural as possible. You can never trust a 3d printing machine you dont know, which stands in a place that you don’t own. The maker should track every particle of energy that can be found on materials and bring them into wanted state or outside of the matter he planning to use.


After this process, those regeants turn to nothing more than a prufied objects. This objects means nothing unless the maker gives them a meaning. Crafting ability also takes some place in this step. Maker should manipulate and edit the regeants until it feels complete. Bringing them together in some meningfull ways, drawing sigils and runes on the right places on the item, adding right natural stones in designed order, and personalizing the charm as much as possible are keys of making it enchanted. A ritual can be made during the crafting process. Different emotional states can be needed for crafting different parts of the magical item. Any method can be used to achieve the wanted state of enchantedness. It should be shining in energy and value. It should be one of the most important belongings of its owner. Possession must be achieved and the owner should accept the charm as a part of his own body. Feeling of possesing an item crafted like that always should be remembered. Even with the perfected connections, a charm that have forgotten by its owner can not stay active for a long time. Magicians usually wear them as accessories to keep them closer to themselves. Carrying a wand can be unsuitable in public place but these trinkets  provides some control on the energy flow even while in the intensity of their daily basis.


Enchanted magical items are entities. (From my aspect, they are more alive than a fly.) They have their place in the universal energy cycle, they have their own energy coding parameters that can be called a ‘mind’, and they have a purpose to be exist like they have a ‘soul’. They can be seen as a magical and mental companions. The owner must meet with his companion after the creation complete. This is called identifying the magical item. He should channel enough energy to the charm to introduce himself to it. Being synchronized with the item can take some time. Its power can be used only after the right frequency is found.


Maker can make various charms to support each other to achieve further power. This process is called the fusion. For a perfect fusion, all of the specialities of both charms must be in harmony.


Like any other physical matter, the magical item be damaged or simply got older. The owner must have his responsibility of its maintenance. As the energy trade level is high between the item and its owner, the universal mechanics of energy makes the item lost-proof. According to my experience, the owner will never lost the item in some random way. Losing the item like that should mean something. The mental state of its owner at the time he finds it back will not be coincidentally. Losing the magical item only happens when a continously unsuitableness or lack of communication is present. When the item is damaged, it means there is a problem in the inner world of its owner. For example, the purple amethyst that given with the meaning of the ‘belief’ of the owner got broken, that means he should medidate on what he believe. The repair must be done after the owner reaches a conclusion about the weak point of his magical item. After some time, the item will get its perfected form after being broken and repaired many times. 



These are some basic and important points according to my experience on magical item crafting. I will write more with relish about this topic if you like it.

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