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If I am to believe that I am a magickal being, that my thoughts and thus actions can create and shape the universe around me, then I must also accept that other individuals are capable of the same process.
Whether it be through conscious will, or unconscious will. Will remains. Both in me and in others.
This paradox then becomes the landscape of which I operate in.

Now if I truly accept this, I have both realized non-traditional, environmental circumstances and also placed myself at this "higher" level of perception.

If you are in a ship, and you see the sea rising, then the ship rises with it.
But despite the height of the sea, the casual patterns remain.
There's just more volume to deal with.

If we are to hold true to the Hermetic Law, then what can be done here, can also be done above.
And vice versa.
So as we reach for the "higher", let us not forget the lower.
It is the lower than we are born into. Not as slaves, but more like groundskeepers or farmers (my belief).

To seek, to bring balance through conscious experience at this level.

Hell nor Heaven wait for mankind, nor should mankind wait for either.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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