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while roaming around creating a music playlist for myself, i added "The man on the silver mountain"  written by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and singer Ronnie James Dio this song is, as Dio said, "a semi-religious one, a man on the silver mountain is a kind of God figure everyone is crying out to".  *pasted from wikipedia

 i thought there was more to be known about the "Man on the Silver Mountain" than was said.  well, nothing came up right away- but while researching old Bohemian history (for fun) i came across the "Winter King" -- whose reign of 369 (3 6 9) days ended with the defeat of the "Battle of White Mountain" in 1620.

Its the words  white, winter, king, mountain, battle- that remind me of the the song.  

ehh, ok.  like Yukon Cornelius said  "tmpmtmtmptmmttmp -- Nothing".    

ExCept -  a reference to Frederick V {the Winter King} by  Donald R. Dickson in "The Tessera of Antilia: Utopian Brotherhoods and Secret Societies" as absolutely integral to the Order of the Rosicrucian's.  i know next to nothing about them- i will  check it out. Did this writers have real mystic meaning about the man on the silver mountain that i might be interested in? 

i guess its nothing, really, to anyone else, just my meandering path.  after all,  i SEEK.

and The Man on the Silver Mountain has such Archetypal resonance! :)

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Comment by Zin~Uru on November 30, 2015 at 2:20pm

With song titles like "Gates of Babylon" - "Tarot Woman" - "Temple of the King"  etc...and album "Rising" it is fairly safe to assume there lies deeper meaning and spirituality than some rockers recognize.  Everything in it's time and way will be revealed.  Seek on Brother...obviously Blackmore and Dio traveled a similar path.

Peace - Z

Comment by steve on November 30, 2015 at 8:14am

such a classic tune

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