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Can intentions of balance and harmony manifest more positive outcomes to our unfolding reality? There is scientific evidence to suggest we can, if we are to believe the likes of Dean Radin's Noetics Institute, Roger Nelson of Princeton, or Lynn McTaggart's  If we are to believe that light can behave as a particle under one set of conditions and a wave in another due to the intention or expectations of the experimenter, then our thoughts do in fact influence reality.  If we focus on negative information, then we in fact help to manifest the very thing we are trying to avoid.  As individuals we likely carry little weight in influencing our larger reality, but as a collective we could have the ability create a powerful wave of intention that can change the frequency of our reality.


This is nothing new. Large group ceremonies of the chanting and dancing Huna peoples of the pacific islands, set prayer times in Islam, the Jewish Sabbath, and Sunday prayers of Christians all serve the purpose of creating a collective intention.  This same method is employed by governments to create a sense of Nationalism by using the media to focus peoples intention.  Much negative information is on the internet regarding the concept of a New World Order. What if the world was unified(and it is through the internet)? Could we us collective intention on a global scale to create a new golden age?  May be not, but it can not hurt to try.


Sites like esoteric online are in fact already doing this, but we could as a group make a greater effort to focus on positive intentions.  It is easy to focus on wars or injustice and think that the world is a bad place, but what if our focus on wars is what creates them? Buddhism teaches that the true reality is the eternal now. We need to shed our own personal baggage to focus positive intention in the now. The past is nothing but old thought forms that we allow to continue to exist.  Let them go. It is not the evil government or an abusive family member that holds your mind hostage it is you own inability to let it go. 

In any case here is the idea for us. At times of high solar activity when the Earth is more directly connected to the Sun through the solar wind would be optimal times. The idea being that the solar wind is made of particles, and based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, these particle are all individually a probabilistic wave function.  If intentions can affect the behavior of one particle, then what can collective intention do to a plasma storm of particles hitting the earth? An email with a subject line of "Focus Positive Intention" would be the trigger.  Differing time zones would read email at differing times allowing for a 24 hour continual wave of positive intention to emanate from the Sun  facing side of the Earth. Due to quantum entanglement, our intentions would be carried directly to the Sun. The Sun it self then begins to focus the same intention. In theory, we as a collective could nudge reality bit by bit into a more sustainable future for all life on Earth.  I personally believe that pyramids and monoliths were built as amplifiers and receivers of intention to and from our Sun, Planets, galaxy and universe. This is the lost knowledge that unifies all religions.  This is the knowledge that the universe is an interconnect ONE.  We are the Archetypes doing a shadow dance, wanting to awaken, to emerge into the light of knowing.  Focus on the NOW with the intention of gratitude for what is good.

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