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well, i thought i would write about this, as it's the only area i feel like i have any degree of expertise in, everything else is vastly interesting, but still a complete mystery, as far as actual progress is concerned.

I have been meditating for a good couple of years now, and I have to say, it has been a positive force in my life, when i commit to it, and do it successfully, I always, ALWAYS, feel better after wards. 

I wish I could be more disciplined and do it every single day for at least an hour, but the only time i regularly managed that was when i did it in a group. 

I will add a few tips on how exactly to meditate, and then below that I will write more of a story and general guide and what benefits you can expect from meditation, as well as what exactly it is.

 - Imagine with your breath flowing naturally in and out, a source of light, gathering energy as you breath in, and letting out tension/darkness, as you breath out. This is best to do at the start of meditation to quiet all the chatter, and just focus the intention. 

 - Gently Let go of all thoughts, thoughts are not the aim of meditation, they regularly arrise because of your habit of thinking, they may seem important, or trivial, make you think of all the things you can do, or make you excited, make you feel any range of emotions, but for the most part, for the purpose of meditation, they are a distraction: think of it like this; they are pretty embellishments on an old suit you are wearing, the "suit" is your state of consciousness, and you will be taking it off and having a shower and refreshing yourself by meditating. After wards, you will wear new, clean clothes. 

- Breath naturally, and balance the breath, not exclusively in your stomach, or your chest, but both. 

- Breath LOOooooong deep breaths in, and loooong deeeeeep breaths out. Do not force them though. as natural as possible. gentle guidance.

- Keep Clearing your mind, over and over and over, until you have natural authority over it, do not supress anything, but gently let it flow past. Your mind will get used to this, there are plenty of other times at which you can write down or deal with the thoughts which are trying to bubble up now. Tell your ego (mediator between light and dark forces within) to serve you; remember you are the master. You are the conductor of an orchestra, and they do what you say. Although, if you let them, they will overrun you, or if you are a tyrant, they will grow grumpy and scared themselves.  

-Think of the 4(5) phases of the brain, gamma alpha beta theta delta. You naturally cycle through these in daily life, but the brain remains in one for the dominant period. With all the fight/flight induction through media manipulation, it is normal to be in a higher (faster) state than you need to be. To give your meditation a kick-start, you can try binaural beats, these work by a tonal unbalance which your brain balances internally and adjusts to, you have to use headphones. I don't advise doing this often or for a long period, but just to experience what it can be like later on, it's a good boost.

Here are three pictures which you may find enlightening:

(the flower of life, hexagon, tree of life, elements, pentagram, phi spiral and pentagon are all connected, if you can discover how you will be one step further on your journey (: =

- Be in a quiet and dark place, gentle chirping of birds or music is good, remove as much random inorganic noise as possible. Very gentle scents are also good. Only be around people you can trust. If you know you can trust them, then do (what i mean by this is: don't be unnecessarily agitated, pretentious or un-trusting of people who you theoretically know you can trust). 

- Do not have an aim, just allow the bliss of feeling at peace and at one with all things to flood over you.

Love time and serve it, by flowing with it, instead of trying to "check up on it" and interrupting your natural flow all the time. (I don't wear a watch or have a clock in my room). I know this can be hard at first as we love our distractions (video games, films, movies, radio, junk food), but gradually, the meditation experience will become more and more pleasurable, so that you will wonder what you ever saw in these distractions in the first place. It does take discipline, but i assure you, it's worth it.

- If you must speak, let your words be as authentic as possible. If you must use the words of others, truly mean them, and vary them with your own words if you can. Try to let them resonate and reverberate within your own mind, and gently come to peace and wholeness. A good neutral word to chant internally is Ommm. The best though, is silence within silence (no words, no thoughts).

- Just try to let all the natural energy flow through you, remember we have yin and yang forces within us all. our culture has an extreme focus on "staying positive", and while it is true we are not here to destroy and be a negative force (at least not mine; I rejected the offers the masons and illuminati made me, HAHAHAHA), it is part of our energy. Batteries only work by having both extremes. 

Allow yourself to HAVE and simply BALANCE these two extremes within yourself.

-Work with whichever area of your body you are struggling with, believe in the chakra centres (energy wheels) and you will start noticing how real they are.

For instance, have lung problems/pains in your chest often? Work on your relationship with yourself, and your attitude towards love, gratitude and g r i e f.

-Watch what you eat, and when you eat it. Generally you will experience more success having eaten less, this is why it's great to meditate after you get up, or before you go to sleep, and to sleep on an almost empty (but not quite) stomach: you will dream better.

So, what are some of the things you can expect from meditation? goosebumps, increased blood flow and good circulation, a clear conscience, increased focus, more precise and lucid dreams, general bliss and well being, and also, a better feeling for time and the natural flow of things. 

In general, after meditation, the outer external world seems less intimidating and more in balance and reflective of the inner world, as that is precisely what has happened: you have become aware of your inner state and adjust, mostly. All beings seek to return to the source of all things, they just do not know the best way to do that. Meditation can be a great starting place to discover and continue this.

Now: What is meditation? It is gathering and letting the cosmos flow through you. 

Man is a type of energetic prism, through which the light can be focussed and flow.

We suffer when we do not use the energy over prolonged periods of time, but we never suffer when we meditate, as we are just letting the energy flow naturally: Removing ourselves from the egoically programmed consciousness of desiring and struggling. 

Hope this helps you! :D

The greatest thing about meditation is that it actually adjusts your aura, which affects people you come into contact with without you even saying anything. 
The message your are giving them is one they FEEL. 

If the internet ever goes down, we can have a human network of connected individuals, vibrating at a higher rate. Don't be scared if in your meditation practices you have spontaneous visualisations of great depth and  verisimilitude, heat flushes, sudden emotional outbursts, goosebumps, "tinitus" like frequency hearing range expansion or anything like that. It's all just your body and mind adjusting to your souls new operating level. 

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations! 

Towards a Joyous life, shared for all beings here on our little planet.

if anyone would like me to go into more detail on any specific subject, feel free to ask. 

I would love to talk more about things and discuss your methods and roots to one-ness, 

perhaps even join in on some of the guided meditations.

Thanks you!

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Comment by Zephyr on June 20, 2012 at 3:13am

Thank you for your kind replies "Being" and Julian! 

It makes me happy to know I can assist others in some way.

I'm adding some (re)sources and materials for those who are keen on investigating further: 

Magical Egypt - The temple of Man - John Anthony West, following the works of Schwaller de Lubicz.
Very good, long documentary, watch it in parts and savour it :D 

"Spiritual Reality" a good, short (hour long) film which covers a wide array of subjects all related to meditation and our place in the you-ni-verse.

A good place to start learning about the chakras, excerpts from Anodea Judiths book Eastern body, western mind, a meeting place between late psychologists like Carl Jung, and The eastern understanding of energy systems within the body.

manly p hall, an interesting fellow, take it with a grain of salt and sift through, as you (should) do with all knowledge :D

Ben Stewarts Classic "Kymatica" a lot of you have probably seen this, but i view it as essential information, regarding meditation and your own state of minds effect on our planet.

Then there are people like Dan Winter, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and so on, who i'm sure you're familiar with, who go into the "biology of belief", the effect of your thoughts on your body, cell structure, environment and so on. You can look these up and I suggest you do, they have many hour long lectures and talks, highly interesting, but all to be taken with a grain of salt also :D

If you want to get started on binaural beats, remember, head phones, and there are plenty of good videos on youtube, 20 minutes or so is longer than long enough to induce the state, but as I said, try doing it without once you know "how to get there" or "what it feels like when you're there".

See you "there"!

feel free to add things also,


Comment by Being on June 19, 2012 at 11:00pm

This is very good stuff. The only thing I would add (Western Path) is not having an aim is true but 'pointing the way' with a question or topic  keeps you  pointing to the Higher Planes of Consciousness. You may not get answers or topics in your meditative mind after that but you do get  safe passage. After that you give yourself up to the Universe so to speak.

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