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Meditation and Journal Writing for Motivation

The creative person brings his or her ideas into the physical world. Every person has the innate ability to be creative, but very few people actually learn how to tap into that ability. Having a good idea isn't enough. The idea must also be realized into a form where it can be shared by others. Until that happens, creativity does not exist. Motivation is almost always the missing ingredient for those who fail to meet their goals. Through the use of meditation and focused journal writing, you can develop the ability to realize your creative goals in every aspect of your life.

The Creative Process

In its simplest form, there are two stages in the creative process. The first is the idea stage. Most people negotiate this stage with very little problem. Getting to the second stage (the creation stage) is where people tend to get tripped up. In between the idea and the creation stages lies a transitional element that is crucial to creative success, motivation.

Why is Motivation Elusive?

Most of us have, over time, built up an unconscious list of reasons why we should not attempt to bring our ideas to fruition. Most often these inhibitions are put into our minds by societal pressures. While our society venerates those who have proven themselves to be creative, it generally disapproves of those whose creative efforts fall short of mass acceptance. Thus, the act of creating opens the creator up to the possibility of scorn and rejection. Fear of this result kills the motivation to create. Meditation and journal writing used together can catalyze motivation by acting as a "back door" around the resistance that kills creative motivation.


For this exercise, it is not necessary to have any previous experience with meditation. The goal of the meditation is to slow the mind and clear it of random thoughts. If you have never meditated before, you may find it easier to clear your mind if you have some type of non-obtrusive music playing in the background.

Before you begin your meditation, make sure you are in a comfortable upright position and will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and become aware of the thoughts that are going through your mind. Don't hang on to any thoughts, but don't try to suppress them. Let them come and go on their own. In a short time, the flow of thoughts will become a trickle. When your mind becomes silent, open your eyes.

Find a Flow

Now that you have established a clear mind, pick up your pen and begin writing about whatever it is that you want motivation for. It is essential that you keep your pen moving. Don't think about what you are writing. Let the words flow onto the paper any way they please. Your first few sentences may be a jumble of words that don't make much sense; keep writing. Soon a flow of ideas will establish itself. Be aware of how you feel at this point. Focus your mind only on what you are writing and stay on the subject of what you want motivation for. Soon you will feel locked in. Ideas for how to accomplish your goal will flow from you, and with these ideas, the realization that you can accomplish them. This realization is what triggers motivation.

Establish Goals

Now that you are locked in to a stream of thought, begin setting goals. Your goals should be clearly defined, challenging, but obtainable. Make sure that your goals do not cause conflict with each other. For example, if you have to work full time to survive, then a goal to cut back on work hours to get more exercise will cause conflict. Your goal should be to find a way to cut back on work and still maintain yourself financially. Once that goal is accomplished, you can begin setting goals to increase your exercise. Being aware of unrealistic and conflicting goals will allow you to achieve what you set out to do. Exploring your goals in your journal will expose any conflicts that they might have.


A sense of confidence will wash over you when you get close to forming goals that you know you can meet. Set goals that show results immediately or within the very near future. This will give you an immediate sense of achievement and enhance your motivation toward setting new goals for yourself. Write about the goals you have accomplished and the ones that you didn't. If you did not accomplish a goal, use your journal to analyze why you didn't. Rework the goal, break it down into more manageable steps, then try again. There is no shame in failing to accomplish a goal. You made a noble attempt that didn't work in its current form. The only time you truly fail is when you stop trying.

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