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Today I replied to a message I received from a Jewish friend of mine. It's been about the troubles around Israeli settlements and Palestinian fears and so forth from a Christian perspective... This time around Bethlehem, but it's all the same, really.

I chose this opportunity to bring up Christmas as we should really celebrate it altogether for what it truly is, transcending all dogma or seemingly conflicting belief. But more on that at the end of this. (I hope it's alright, if I just paste my email in here, but on this rare occasion I'm risking motive is love for and to all!)

Isn't it ironic that they'd complain about Jews in and around Bethlehem, considering that Jesus and practically all key figures of the Christian doctrine were supposed to have been Jews? But confusion aside, it is that very same doctrine that has always been meant to educate us about the unity we represent in Christ as all of mankind. Christianity was meant to dissolve distinctions between races and nations. Yet, even it continues to favor the Jewish people in its own prophecy, holding on to the symbolic power of a people, chosen by and dedicated to God (i.e. read John's Revelation: only the 12 tribes of Israel ascend, 12000 per tribe, 144000). Anyway, shamelessly each side pursues agenda with the help of scripture, but not for the sake of its message, its teachings. Shame on everybody, shame on all claims. Where's reason in any of this?
The group that has the greater power is meant to exhibit the mercy of God. The group with lesser power is meant to exhibit the forgiveness. The wrath shows itself in the lives we lead, fueling fear, shame and hunger of all sorts. The grace is the time we're given to grow beyond our frailties of greed, stubbornness and ignorance.

Why have many Jews recognized Christianity in its core, because it is the very same teaching only louder in its kabbalistic nature. More explicitly it calls for recognition of our higher origin as a whole of humanity. Much like it is found in the old testament, when the Jewish nation was punished for its transgressions, it marks another lesson of the same kind, only this time it goes beyond the limits of one race as it teaches us with compelling logic that God is the root of all and the substance of all, Christ the son without blame (raw form of the human soul, the One supernal soul of man) and we're all brothers to each other and the son (rather), regardless of our earthly origin, skin color or the language we speak. Before we deeply understand that, we are separate from all this in spirit and lack connection to the whole.
To embrace the Christian teachings, one does not have to deny the Torah, but rather embrace it even more tightly through its extended teachings within the New Testament. As complicated as it appears to understand Kabbalah, as challenging it may be to truly process the story of Christ.
Why is he called "The Messiah"? Because the universal consciousness- that has absolute unity as Christ- knows the truth and tells us all we need to know to leave behind our iniquity against ourselves and the gift of life in all. Would we truly listen to it- which is our collective self, including all of humanity- we'd transcend the cycles of mistakes and consequences to reach greater clarity and evolve as it has always been intended for us.
But to read the New Testament one has to approach it differently than by discussion about details of the medium by which the teaching is delivered. Get hung-up on complains, insecurities and consequential outrage and you miss the wisdom that permeates it.
I suspect something very complicated that will be met with deaf ears, I'm sure, but it really remains only a suspicion of mine; The Jewish nation is brother (or sister) to all Arab nations. Its origin has been nomadic like everyone else around them, but for some reason its process of settling down came with a general hostility for some reason or another. However, its resistance to integration kept it from truly inheriting its part of the universal wisdom with that of all others. Reasoning that they'd hold the only reliable source and everyone else was barbaric in customs (their own stoning rituals aside and however they'd shun transgressors) they turned themselves practically allergic against the rest of humanity.
Christianity tried to change that, seeding a new understanding in and from the very midst of the Jewish nation, it opened up to the world as a whole, carrying the wisdom of the Jews beyond all borders whilst permitting everyone to adopt it into their hearts the way they grew. I won't go into the perversion of Christianity by the Roman elite and other trading powers, but continue to refer to the original Christian wisdom with its pristine motive.
But a large portion of the Jews remained oppositional to this expansion. They couldn't hold their position amongst ever growing sophistication around them and dispersed, while the Arab nations began to organize themselves with the emergence of Mohammed. All tribes used to be hostile against each other, including the Jews, who were only another Arab tribe, nothing else. They rose to enough superiority to differentiate themselves from everyone else and claim righteousness, which might've well been deserved at some point in time, but also became the poison that isolated them from the rest eventually.
So, really, Christianity was attempt one to evolve out of limiting misunderstandings. Quran was attempt 2 to organize nations and at least settle into peace amongst themselves. Needless to say that all have failed thus far. And that includes the Jews as first to fail according to themselves, really.
But the reality is, we're all still young in this great cycle. It's only been a few thousand years that we get to pick up the pieces of what came before us. To organize ourselves is a tremendous challenge and every patch for a former problem only placed layers upon layers between us and a true solution.
The true solution is a new look at the root of our potential, the nature of our powers, faith in our mental/intellectual/spiritual faculties and the reality that there's no shortage in resources for us on this planet in any regard. With our stagnant strategy to self-organization we produce a kind of allergic reaction that sends humanity on high alert, much like an overreacting immune system. We multiply not out of love, but with empty hearts and distracted minds. Selfish motives propel procreation not in a thought for humanity, but with hopes for personal self-preservation or agendas that won't go beyond the confines of a group or race.
But like an allergy it is the same medium that is meant to make us strong and withstand adversities that makes us sick. In an allergy it is the confused immune system, in humanity it is the confused mind. Convinced that it is doing the right thing it attacks and defends, because it believes to have detected an adversary. When the immune system goes completely crazy it begins to fight against its own host, turning the situation into what's called a septic shock, I think. It sees itself, its own host as adversary. Consider this in an analogy to mankind. Don't we see ourselves as our greatest adversary? What's the consequence of an earth in a state of septic shock?

Anyway, that's all for now as we celebrate the days of Unity for all as we all experience the winter solstice, when the sun "comes back from the dead" to begin a new cycle. We are all experiencing this new beginning the same, whether we are conscious of that or not. This is where we are closest to "Christ", the supernal soul as the Kaballah recognizes it and that's why we celebrate Christmas now. It's a beautiful reason to celebrate on all accounts. I still have to learn it again myself, because the foolish world of traders had turned it away from the rebinding truth and into an opportunity to nourish their confusion. It's not a damn Santa that swings down to bring gifts, it is us who acknowledge each other with love.

Merry Christmas, Brothers and Sisters!

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Comment by Taron on December 28, 2012 at 6:54pm

Hmmm, the only ironic thing I see here is that you never found an angle or enough energy to examine the idea behind the Jesus figure (or better: Christ), being that you're kinda cursed to get a motive for that with your every birthday, hahaha.

I'm so sorry for the misunderstood silliness people had accepted through misguided dogma preachings and perverted law formulations. I'm stunned at the same time, because a simple read of it alone should reveal to anybody even on a shallow surface angle the main figure (Jesus) preaches to act consciously and seek understanding rather than being blindly obedient on the surface with false motives and mechanical redemption in mind.

To cure away all the bullshit is a tough but valuable task, I think, yet...we might as well craft a brand new delivery of the metaphysical, spiritual and fundamental meanings that the Bible and especially the New Testament wanted to bring across.

And even if people wouldn't understand it at first, at least have a raw, cold and clear version of all "ideas" before trying to package it in some digestible story-form.

BUT- more than anything- HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! ;o)

Comment by Readlorey on December 26, 2012 at 4:45pm

I was born on christmas which is ironic because I am not christain nor do I believe in their dogma. LOL just ironic...

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