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Merry Christmas 2.0 (thoughts about Christ)

I know, I know, it's Christmas and not Easter, but nothing shows the essence of Christ like the crucifixion does, when it comes to the overall symbolism...hence the cross everywhere. Because Christ is meant to represent all of us, the one supernal stage where we spawned from as fragments or derivations of. It is the original, blameless, innocent source, which here on earth exists as all of us.

This image of Christ Jesus hung up on the cross, lamented by some, poked by others, recognized by some, ignored by others, loved by some, hated by others, this is the sum of us, above us, the origin and how we face it, how we face each other. 

The spears poking him are the weapons with which we fight each other. The blood that comes out from him is our blood by direct analogy.

The tears for him are the tears we cry for each other as we realize when we fail against our own kind.

When we look away, we fear our own reflection.

And thus all the things that happen during the crucifixion are the things we do to ourselves as human race, the things we do to our very core.

The events around this apex of human behavior toward itself describe the process through which we go in life.

From being born innocently but bestowed with all the powers:

- feeding ourselves sufficiently as we realize that in truth we are given all the resources we need, but only Christ (universal understanding) provides all with enough. Mankind imposes artificial scarcity as it turns a blind eye towards the universal truth.

- creating new things to enrich our lives, born a carpenter (understand?) he grew to even turn water into wine! We, humanity, can do that amongst so many other "miracles"!

- healing each other physically, even the most severe conditions we are able to treat and heal, more than we currently choose to, actually. Christ heals the bodies of disabled not as random analogy to the spirit, there's plenty of that, but as an actual hint at what we can do for each other as species. We are able to heal!

- healing each other mentally. Despair and confusion are found in all of us at various degrees, but some of us suffer from too much of it. We are able to help each other out of all of this, able to heal such conditions to, if we accepted that power of ours and would care to find it.

- healing each other spiritually. The loudest cry for Christ was to be accepted without anybody losing his individual understanding and the recognition of the diversity amongst us. Christ didn't want to be the center of attention as a person, but wanted us to recognize in each other Christ as our source.

...and so forth.

The cross as moment of death is actually independent from all the events beneath the cross. When we experience our physical death, we find our way back up to the cross, which is not an instrument of torture, but simply the place on the Tree of Life where the supernal soul is fully formulated and called Christ/Chris/Cross. There we are One. And when we decent from the cross, we do so to find back life on earth, being resurrected for that matter. It takes a family to bring a person to life, "down from the cross", so to say.

I'm writing this to give you some inspiration to take this thought further. I'm absolutely certain there's so much more to this, but this angle might shed a different light on the teachings, which might help to recognize the true attempt this story makes to see the truth with greater clarity. Maybe one day we will really figure out that we are but a diversified unit of divine consciousness. We are not asked to revere one person that has suffered for our sins. We are asked to recognize all of us by the One we truly are in our core above. And threw "him" we are meant to recognize the divine father of all. But that's for another time...

Today we celebrate an astronomical event we all experience at the same time more clearly than all others. This is but a helping hand for us to feel our global unity and the love we should sense for each other and share. Give a gift of love, even if it is but a kiss or an embrace or an honest handshake. The differences we have are our powers and the love we are meant to have for each other is meant to unite those powers.

Merry Christmas to all of us, once again.

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