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Mother earth, mother of all there: is hear me!

I am lost mother I don’t know who I am

I have been walking you lands life after life

Tell me where to look, how to heal, who I am.

Gentle and caring embraced I am into your arms

Slowly growing in your womb, until perfection is reached.


 No one loves us like you do mother,

All your fruits you sacrifice for us; all we do is destroy your gifts.

The mountains high above us, the sea down below.

With all the creatures living inside you and flying in the air.

Here to nurture them all, we are placed, to work the land

To feed the animals, to love one another

That and only that is the reason to be here.


In the image of god, we are created to do the will of the divine

But the divine is inside us and all around us

Every living being is the divine

All the lives of all the creatures is one and the same mother

The same being, born different times in different bodies

Yet all of these lives happening in the same time and place.

In your holy womb mother.


Humble I bow to your greatness, to the beauty of your aureole.

Golden and blue like your soul and body

Both of which we feed to grow and not ones you denied us.

Love is all we get from you, like any mother to a child.

One day you will grow tired of us I know that

And will shake all of us off, from your lands.

Because we were unable to care for the plans and the animals

Like we were supposed to do.


It isn’t just a school we live in brothers it is a living garden

For which we are the gardeners and for who we are responsible.

Look around see the divine spark in every creature.

That fire that burnt in the hearts of every animal

The life in every rock and every human being.

The divinity in all the unseen creatures that guide and protect us,

May they be blessed for all the hard work they do.


We must awaken sisters, mother needs us we have neglected her needs

With both hands in the dirt we must bow deep to the ground

With head down low in honor of our one true mother

All the teachings guide to one and the same, how to love and be loved.

How to be a good human being, how to care for this earth and how to grow.


No matter what god you bow to, what book you follow,

It is the same thing they all try to show you, be a good person.

Treat another as you want to be treated, because the truth is

We are all one and the same being, living a different life in a different time.

Past lives, future lives, now there are no such thing brothers all is at the same time

Moving like a spiraling wave around and round and round.


We are all different faces of the same being; we are God incarnated

All the seen and all the unseen beings, all the trees and the animals

We are all the same and no other crime counts as the one against the spirit

Because it is a crime against yourself, against life itself and the fire in your heart.

How is it punished? Only you know that it is you who decide and you who execute.

There is no judge on a cloud that tells you what to do, everything is you.


Look around, tell me she isn’t beautiful this earth you live on.

The universe it is, the multiverse we are a part of, the sun giving life.

The people around you, the cats and the dogs, the rocks and trees

The planets, the beings, the alien life all around us is life

There is nothing without life and it is the only thing I bow to.

The life that is in every cell and every atom seen and unseen all around us.


Why am I here mother, who do you want me to be, who did you create me to be.

I just want to worship your greatness and all of divinity, to spend my life spreading your words

Yours and of the father for all there is comes from the two, mother earth and father sky

The female and the male dancing together in a chemical wedding of life.

All the words I hear, all the images I see is a gift I am thankful to.

I will make art of them and tell all the people who wish to hear.

About the golden heart that you carry and the veil of blue across your eyes,

May you be blessed.



Peace profound.

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