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I wanted to share this amazing Astral Projection experience. It is the best to date and I think I know what triggered it. Yesterday evening I took some supplements: Niacin with Garlic, Melatonin, & Vitamin D. Somehow the combination of vitamins and minerals triggered the most amazing AP ever!

I started out in my bedroom at my previous house ten years ago. I was in bed and all the lights were off. In the dream I hypnotized myself and it felt like real hypnosis I've done on myself before. I felt vibrations everywhere. It was then that I encountered the astral negative, though I realized he was of a lower vibration. He kept playing with my toes and trying to cause discomfort. I said the Our Father which distracted him, and I believe he stopped just enough so I could get up and try the lights. I walked to the light and it wouldn't turn on, it was then a cue that I was in the dream. So I tried a couple more times. At that point I was of a higher vibration.

I walked to the door and there was light coming from the otherside, but the door was locked. So I walked through it, and found myself in the exact location of the old kitchen which was on the second floor. I quickly hurried to the stairs, knowing the creature might follow me. Downstairs it was dark, so I took a leap of faith and dove over the stairs and started flying. I flew up and landed on something, under me in was dark again. So I decided to take things as far as I could, I flew out of the house and lifted up, I was back at my old house. I moved my hands to push forwards. I thought, ok if I can do this I want to be on the moon. I instantly appeared on the surface of the moon beside what might have been an American flag and an abandoned spacecraft and debris. I saw craters and everything, but the flag was actually laying on its side...I think so that was strange.

I was on the moon only briefly, because I wanted to explore more or the moon made me feel nervous. So I flew up into outer space, then I realized internally my voice was saying "don't go too far" but I didn't listen. I rose up and then did a somersault in space, then when I came back down earth was gone or below me was nothing but stars. Then I had a vision of this little boy with a fabric cap on and a lute? He was playing a beautiful musical tune that I remembered when I woke up. I heard something about the Fibonacci spiral and how it relates to all life. Then I saw a movie screen and a chalkboard, and someone was saying. "Every morning I'd wake up living a perfect life but I don't think it was real."

Then I woke up with everything fresh in my mind with vivid clarity, although a lot of the feelings and awe were gone as soon as I woke up. I was reading on Monroe's (name?) site about HemiSync and I was reading his blog about how to do all these things as well. I've wanted to for the longest time. I've only flown a few times but never made it to space.

So I think melatonin could have been the major component of the astral traveling. I think the other supplements did contribute, though I'm not sure how. I took more melatonin than usual.

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Comment by Zenfullii Delicious on August 5, 2010 at 8:37pm
Astral projections are sensational :)

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