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Crows and ravens are messengers from this life to the spiritual side. They are looked at the wrong way. People see them as bad omens, but in fact they are just the opposite! Crows can symbolize death, yes this true, but not in the way that people think. Crows will almost always be seen at a burial of a loved one and in cemeteries because they deliver messages from the living to the deceased. They can also linger around a person who is greatly ill and is about to pass away. No they will not cause the death, but will instead assist the soul on to the other side. 

If you are constantly seeing crows and or hearing their caws, they are trying to tell you something. They are a symbol of out with the old in with the new. The death of something old or bad in your life and the bringer of something new! So the next time you see crows or ravens, send them off with a message and know that you will be heard. Take their visits as a good omen and be glad that they came to you!

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