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Many people have written about the subject of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, and all of us have our unique spin on who they are and how one can identify them as being either a Soul Mate or a Twin Flame. My approach to the subject is more on along the lines of physics and the movement of energy, and less religious-based. I do believe in Higher Powers or Higher Intelligence, and it is from my knowing that these benevolent Powers and forces have furnished me with this knowledge through my daily spiritual practices, personal studies and psychic abilities. I do my best not to refute other teachers on this subject, but strive to provide you with sensible, up-to-date and practical information. As a disclaimer, I always let people know that my understanding is one of many.

What are Soul Mates and Twin Flames?
If we can see all things from an energetic standpoint, we will see that all things in the Universe, in the cosmos are made up of energy, to a lesser and greater degree. And all energy carries a vibration, a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced. So, a chair has a vibration that causes it to a chair, a cat, has a vibration that causes it to be a cat, and the case can be extended to Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames, carry within them a distinct and identical vibration that identifies them as two or more people sharing the same energetic vibration. the intensity and intentions of the energy shared between such people is how one can identify a soul mate, a Primary Soul Mate and a Twin Flame. A Soul Mate, such as your best friend, a spouse, a child, your beloved pet, a coworker, etc, all carry a similar energetic frequency or vibration, that is where you will find that familiar and comfortable feeling when in the presence of these people or animals. But the case of Primary Soul Mates and Twin Flames, the energetic frequency and vibration is not only familiar, it is identical and intensely more powerful than other soul mate connections. Such is the case with magnets, a smaller magnet can only attract smaller objects, whereas a larger magnet can draw unto itself larger more powerful objects, this is an example of the energy dynamics of Primary Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

Primary Soul Mates not only carry the same vibrational frequency, but also the same intent or purpose for drawing each other into their experience in this particular lifetime. Primary Soul Mates intent in this lifetime is to learn how to BE unconditional lovers and how to demonstrate unconditional love in a relationship format. So it is more likely that Soul Mates will have a strong romantic component to their union.

Twin Flames vibrational frequency is the strongest as well as their intent and purpose. Twin Flames are not only here during this lifetime to BE unconditional lovers and demonstrate unconditional love in a relationship format, but in relational structures beyond romantic covenants. Twin Flames have had only a few lifetimes of incarnation. And the sole purpose of these incarnations was to build up their energetic frequency and attraction by experiencing life from various vantage points, mastering certain skills and talents, and mastering high spiritual principles such as integrity, honest and self control. Twin Flame energy is very distinct and those who carry this energy have an undeniable ability and tendency towards assisting humanity in areas that they have gain experience and knowledge, all to serve the purpose of bringing humanity to a place of creating a functional format of unconditional love.

Because the energy throughout the cosmos is quickening and rising at a rapid pace, it is also affecting the vibrations of Primary Soul Mates and Twin Flames. Now more than ever, Primary Soul Mates and Tin Flames are awakening to their connection, because it is at this time that they are preparing to come into position with their distinct INTENT or purpose of incarnation. Because the quickening and rising of this energy is at an all time intense level, those who are awakening to their connections are experiencing great confusion. Meaning, the ordinary intensity of each distinct connection has been amplified, therefore, Primary Soul Mates believe that they are Twin Flames, and in essence, they are not. It is more likely that those who are coming together now, are Primary Soul Mates, in energy frequency and in intent, than Twin Flames. Primary Soul Mate influential energy is most need at this threshold of humanities transition than Twin Flames.. Twin Flames incarnation and purpose is very specific and still rare. time and patterning formations will show each Tin flame and Primary Soul Mate connection their true identity; or one can seek out a very good energy reader, if one wants immediate validation.

All in all, this is my experience and knowledge of exactly what a Soul Mate and Tin Flame connection is, and this is how I tailor all of my reading, and information, from an energy physics knowledge-base.

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Comment by Astranda on June 21, 2011 at 6:07am
This is a very interesting explanation.  I am trying to learn all I can on the subject, since I am in a very intense online relationship with a man who I am sure is my Twin Flame.  With the information you have shared, it could be that he is my Primary Soulmate.  We do know that our purpose is to learn to Be unconditional lovers. And even thousands of miles away from each other, there is definitely a very romantic energy between us.  It is the most incredible love either of us has ever felt.

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