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Narcissism Fueled by Buttons Representing Emotion (FML)

Where to start, lol. Let us start with the most frequently occurring event, click bait and online advertising in general.
I might have touched upon this subject in a past post, but it appears to me that the formula of corporate advertisement that involves a central actor or role model or character that represents the companies motives, has been ingrained into society in general. 
Social media feeds this effect. Hey if you want to be a superstar, then build your brand, put it out via Instagram and youtube, and let the customers roll in. 
Some entrepanuers do this effectively, but consider the less mature people I would say. It's a slippery slope.
If young people see that there is a positive response (monetarily or socially) by reacting, emotionally to any subject and then posting that online... Play that loop out a couple of generations and see where that leads you.
Emotion on Demand = Money/Success?
This is bad on both ends. The producer of the reaction video is tied to the response of their viewers, while the viewers no longer need to experience authentic emotion from within.

If this idea alludes you consider Hollywood actors in general and consider their lives on a practical, day-to-day routine. The effects of this type of psychologically is evident now. 
The next to consider is that of the viewer. Cosplay!
Imagination is a powerful tool, but when your life revolves around impersonating a fictional character for the sake of social acceptance.... It's cool, but uh, yeah, you are real. Don't give that up so you can feel comfortable in a mask.
Technology and the pervasiveness both expand exponentially. The dopamine flood of information.
Biological adaptation has shifted from the natural to the synthetic.
A friend of mine spoke of his younger nephew and nieces. The situation was that they were all physically in the same room, but rather that communicating verbally, they all texted each other through their individual devices. Heads pointed down, glued to the screen. 
No eye contact, no possibility of expression of authentic emotion through facial expression.

So what to do about all of this?
I would say the opposite. They exact opposite. Start there, and figure it out on the way down.

The plastic material world is invading our mind space. We are actors in the zombie apocalypse.

The Individual is Paramount

As Within So Without

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