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NATURAL INERTIA, is a force, which affects, all living things. It is the gravitational pull, of the ABYSS. The ABYSS, is within every living SOUL. If a soul, does not reverse NATURAL INERTIA, by CONSTANT EFFORT of the FREE WILL, to SUBSTITUTE, LUST, with LOVE, then that SOUL, will eventually, be annihilated, through infinite pain, in the ABYSS.

The ABYSS, is the Black Hole, which is at the centre, of the Milky Way Galaxy. This Black Hole, is within the Soul, of every human being. The purpose of life, is to create an ESCAPE VELOCITY, which is of greater magnitude, than the GRAVITATIONAL PULL, of the ABYSS. This requires, the creation of the LIGHT BODY, which Alchemists call, the ‘PHILOSOPHER’S CHILD’.

The LIGHT BODY, is essentially outside time and space, but it affects, the PHYSICAL PLANE. In this LIGHT BODY, one must ascend, to the ETHEREAL also called COSMIC, PLANE. To achieve this, a SOUL must pay off all KARMIC DEBT, and accumulate, sufficient KARMIC CREDIT, to remain upon the ETHEREAL, OR COSMIC PLANE, in eternal bliss. When the ETHEREAL, or COSMIC, PLANE, is reached, by a SOUL, that SOUL has no further REINCARNATION.

The average SOUL, repeatedly REINCARNATES, onto the PHYSICAL PLANE (the Physical Universe), over a time period, of twenty-six thousand years (26 000). This was measured, by the Ancient Egyptians, and the Aztecs, by the transit, of the planet, Venus. The transit of Venus, is when the planet, Venus, passes between our planet, the Earth, and the Sun. Then Venus can be seen, by us, as a black circle, moving across the Sun.

The ETHEREAL, or COSMIC, PLANE, has a form, upon the PHYSICAL PLANE. This form, is the ORION CONSTELLATION, which is the brightest cluster of stars, in the night sky, and is within our Milky Way Galaxy. The brightest STAR, in the ORION CONSTELLATION, is SIRIUS. SIRIUS, is a binary STAR system, which means that, it is two STARS, orbiting each other.

SIRIUS, is the brightest STAR, in the Night Sky. All human Souls, began their twenty-six thousand year journey, from SIRIUS, and from its neighbouring STARS, in the ORION CONSTELLATION. It is to these STARS, that a human SOUL, when it has become the LIGHT BODY, returns, after its final INCARNATION.

The successful ADEPT, of ESOTERIC ALCHEMY, speeds up the process of SOUL EVOLUTION, by compressing twenty-six thousand years of spiritual work, into between thirty and forty years. This is why ALCHEMY, is called, THE GREAT WORK.

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