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Negative Growths and Thought Fertilizer

So there's a couple of thing coalescing here, and I'd thought I would share :-)
Thinking in terms of nature, and thoughtforms, there is growth. Always growth.
The practical application of this is to feed that which you feel/know is positive for you.
The negative growths (important: decision made that the act, decision, situation, or response to such is negative) can be addressed by not feeding them.
So one option, after you have studied the negative growth and it's causal/karmic roots/seeds, starve it.
Starve the growth. What are you restricting to starve the negative growth? Energy.
Thought, emotion, and action.
You will usually consider and rationalize the input from the external world and apply your perspective to that event then produce the emotion, then some form of action (inaction can also be an "action", still a decision).
Also consider that this thought, can be either/or both conscious or sub-conscious. It's still thought.
There is mental processing occurring. Whether you know it or not, is a different direction.
Consider the flow here. Thought, emotion, action. Sound familiar?

On the flip side, to consider this from a nature perspective, is that nature abhors a vacuum.
Or if you banish, you should then invoke (uncle Birch teachings here).
So if you starve one thing, that energy must be applied to something else.
Perhaps this is related to the alchemical process? I'm theorizing here....

Also I wonder how this could apply to memory, or memory of traumatic experience?

These are still thought forms. Time doesn't really matter if you are considering these forms as influencers to your "current" perception of the now, the yesterday, or the tomorrow...


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