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In the previous entry I provide a fairly literal translation of the message that this man named Washington gives to her therapist while he is in a hypnotic trance, I decided to be less literal now hoping that it will be easier to understand.

The therapist asks the entity who he is, if he has a name and he responds that we always want to put labels on everything and that usually distorts the perception of things, he does not give a name and clarifies he is not Washingtons higher self he says he is just a messenger, he communicates important information to people.

The main message is that everything is changing now, it has been changing since long ago, many of us still spect something chaotic to happen, but it won't be like that, though he mentions that people are confused right now and will be more confused in the days to come, the good news is that we all are going to make it no one will be left behind.

In the video, they also mention a drawing that this guy makes they don't show and don't explain how he came up with it but for what I understand he might have seen it in a dream or vision apparently it looks like this:


In the session they ask the meaning of it and he says that it represents this change, the new earth, the old earth and a space in between, we are a generation that is between what was and what is going to be, the space in the middle is where some platforms are, this platforms are sent by God to make this change less shocking, a lot of people have been prepared for that same purpose to make the transition smoother, so many are seeing this change and many other not, so this entity or this messenger advised him to be patient with the rest of the people who are still too attached to old energy patterns, just go with the change, not trying to forcé anything, or try to convince the rest about what is happening, not to be scared of whatever you see in the news, try to adapt and flow with the new energy.

He mentions that there are people who were born for this generation but some others in whom that shift could not be accomplished from the beginning, they still are going to pass to the new earth.

It does not matter your religión, your skin color your country, your believes everybody will get to the same place, so now quoting what this messenger says:

Things are being done in the best way possible, for it not to be shocking for anybody, this is simply a change, this has happened many times, here on earth where you are people speak of history, of the times but it does not make any sense if you think of it, because your history is as if they had taken a puzzle but only took those pieces that were convenient for them and what you sort of understood but left many many pieces out, leaving those pieces out is the reason you don't understand many things.

A huge progress has been made, in all aspects in the physical, spiritually, in the information, in technology so everything adds up, the people are therefore confused, and as time goes on people are going to be even more confused, because they manipulate you, this is what they want, confusión, confusión to manipulate the masses, they know that this is coming, they know that from reliable source.

Therapist: But they don't want it to happen?

Messenger: Sure they don't, but at the end, everything has to happen and that people are going to be going through the same, the difference is that when the time comes when you get to speak with your, ehm with whoever your spiritual representative is you can´t lie to him.

Therapist: I can´t?

Messenger: Nobody, neither you nor the other nor the good nor the bad, nobody, so, everybody will be where they have to be, people are going to stay in the new earth, but other people, for example, those who supposedly manipulate the population they all are going to go to other planes of existence, that has always existed and exists today, the thing is that you don't realize it.

If you notice that something is changing go with the change you cant oppose to that change, you have to adapt and think and auto-analyze yourself and ask what do I have to change? What modifications can I make? If I am not adapting why is it?

Therapist: What happens to what we here call bad people? I mean in this planet there is a lot of negativity, evil, manipulation, how is that going to change in the new earth, will that exist in the new earth?

Messenger: No, no,no it wont exist because there never was the necessity for it to exist,what happened is that energies entered here, ideas entered here, eh I don´t know if I should call them entities or beings from other places that´s what caused that everything got mixed, a lot of races mixed, a lot of ideas were mixed, they mixed a lot physically.

So all that resulted in what we now have, so it is like re-classifying, it's like a filtering process, everything will be sorted as it corresponds, no dimensión is better than the other one, they are simply different, everyone will go to the corresponding vibration

Understand that everybody has to go at their pace and also everything is happening different for everybody it is like a movie many people watch the movie but each one sees it from a different perspective, even the characters they experience it differently, everybody here is playing their role it will never exist the possibility that somebody was there (in your life) who was not supposed to, if a character or energy was there it was for a reason.

One of his last messages regarding the fact that we are always rushing, getting impatient about the future, wanting to change ourselves, always oriented towards a goal, always wanting to be better, always wanting more…says like this:

Live differently, you have to learn to enjoy everything that you have, the moment will come, everything comes to an end, everything passes, everything transforms, well, just live the now.

Thank you very much for reading I hope you found something of value and I wish you a good week.

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