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So last night my friend Mike took me to a gathering where there was a Gong Bath. Other spiritual practitioners were there sharing their healing services. During the gong bath I got an intense massive headache and it lasted the whole hour. I tried sleeping but I kept turning over to lay on my side or my stomach. There such beautiful sounds. One sounded sounded like I was in the realm of elves and gnomes it made me laugh. Other sounds sounded like a large spaceship and then a smaller spaceship. The first gong bath I went to I couldn’t sit in it cause I was tripping so hard on penis envy mushrooms. That it was to intense for my mind and body. So after this gong bath that happened last night I talked to a women telling me that I was going to have visions tonight when I sleep. I didn’t haha I had the worst nightmare about Michael Myers and my parents and their friends wanting to kill me. The only positive part was that I flew but I had the fly because someone was coming after me. I got away every time I was going to get caught or murdered but it was super freaky to experience was I saw and felt. 

That the first dream coming into 2019 and I don’t k ow how to read it cause I was hoping for some nice visions and got a nightmare hahah but that’s not the first time I’ve tried to get murdered in my dreams. So hopefully I can figure what my subconscious is trying to tell me. 


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