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Let's lay the groundwork here. This is based on a true, personal experience.
Boss is on vacation, an individual is covering for the boss.
Lots of things going on, projects, new issues, lots of action.

The boss of the boss (upper management, lets say), critizies the individual covering.
An emotional response is produced.

What I would like to point out is that you have a manager who doesn't normally deal in that level of "detail". He's inexperienced at that level.

Also I can say the same for the individual who is covering the role. This person does not normally deal with these number of projects which have large impact on those levels.

What IS common from both positions is fear.

For upper management is something like "I have this person is not here currently, to direct and control this level of detail. I rely on that person to deal with aspects I am not thoroughly familiar with."

For the person covering, "I have my daily responsibilities and one project. Now I am attempting to manage 6 projects, and keep upper management up to date on all details."

Can you see how the spectrum of communication and understanding here have been pushed apart and further separated because each party is now dealing with an environment they are not used to?

Fear is a result of limited consciousness.
Fear is a result of lack of understanding.
Fear is a result of the lack of self observation.
Fear is mind.
Mind is all.

Accept the fear, learn from it, expand.
Its still a part of all.
I thank you all.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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