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The Imdugud the noble race. Particularly with me it's Red Kingu and Urmah. My half is the feline, better known as the lion. I find it interesting that it a difficult to function in this reality. I always have to rely on source. It seems to make sense because it has to. Where else would I be? Originally from this system. I know what you mean, the beginning is the end all be all. It's whack to think in absolutes but sometimes it's imperative. Hardly lacking, they always got what you need. We address the Ginabul. Funny the way a reptilian thinks. They're always in the back of my head. Always have to mend relationships between them and the Sirian aka Daniel. The symbology between a man and a woman, family of course is important. That's how you understand the concept of God. Yes, the Imdugud know.

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