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Boundaries are necessary.
If there are no boundaries, you have mush. A homogenous mixture with no possibility of individual experience.
It's experience that produces decision, and the process produces creativity, life.
I bring this down to the level of the individual, because its ultimately the individual that makes the decision.
Even if that decision is indecision, its still a decision.
Indecision to me, is basically acceptance.
For the majority of history, acceptance equals painful death.

Non acceptance certainly meant death, but at least there were mavericks that thought differently and weren't afraid to speak their minds.
That's not a painful death, that's death with meaning.

Now why is the "quality" of your death important?
Well, post it on reddit or GitHub or whatever..
The stars and thumbs will surely serve you well on your journey..

The death manifested by acceptance, is one of slow decay.
Like you know it's happening, in the back of your head.
And it produces nihilism, and self hatred. Your very own little hell, that know one will ever care to look at honestly (get those likes!).

Then, poof! No more! Thank goodness, its over.

But what of those last few breaths that you breathe?
What emotion and thought occurs then?
Regret, sorrow, and guilt whose blackness will devour anything you have experienced in life.

It's a cumulation of all those everyday emotions, stacked upon each other and forced up into the conscious/waking mind for YOU to enjoy at the end.

Once you have accepted the end in those moments, then time is no longer a boundary, and then all thoughts and actions collapse upon themselves.
This is the feather YOU will weigh, YOU will measure, and YOU will judge in those last breaths..

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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