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   I'm old enough to be a mentor as well as be mentored. Active beginner's mind, yet I am no longer a sheer beginner. Students of Alchemy at all levels pass through this site's portals, but Taoist inner alchemy is the closest I come to bearing knowledge to offer. Instead, over these years with EO Theater I've been schooled about a specific alchemical study related to mine but with much differing tools and applications. We mentor each other. Mentors come and go throughout our lives.

   When I was coming up I had two sets of mentors - one for my writing and the other for music.  Two very different kinds of mentoring. The musical mentoring was closer to the esoteric work here in every way. This is why I want to address readers looking for mentors to guide them along their exploration of the sacred sciences. Someone may think they want an older hand in a vein more similar to a university professor's. The conversation would have the frequency and familiarity of a master editor who reads the prodigy's stories and sends them back, with notes. Character development in the relationship itself is more in keeping with the removed quality of writing as opposed to music.

  At university the music student will, of course, practice and perform for their professors on a regular basis. But when it comes to a master tutorial for refining musical forms in improvised music, you found the heavy cat, took a meeting once or twice, and were told not to come back until after at least a year. What you took away from that translator of ancient musical codes into a strategy for creative living was altogether different from any reader who could pinpoint the weakness in your style so deftly as to tell you to not turn in another story until after you've practiced living or writing for a year.

   Some of the musicians were drunks, like almost all the charismatic writers, but there were avant-garde musicians quite soberly all about Chinese medicine, spirals, complex language, the spheres, and how the body itself is an instrument to be tuned daily. That led me to other older adults aptly found or attracted to my younger person's magnets. It took a few years to single out Mantak Chia as a most favored course of study offered by an overview of marketing gurus. He was part of the early smorgasbord of workshops and whatnot. Meanwhile, more personal relationships developed.

     One of the reasons I joined Esoteric Online was to find mentoring on the Twin Flame Ascension. And I found it. Much more like being advised to tune your body to the spheres and not come back for another year than like being taken on by anyone who would expect or urge a prolonged counsel. Only if you want to pay for that, like a therapy. The Twin Flame is primary. The experience itself is primary. The mentor kindly offers words, videos, encouragement. People experiencing it who don't have as much holistic preparation for it as I did can get good grounding tools. Even here, I have less to offer than I could. I'm still looking to celebrate my Twin Flame with more feeling before mentoring anybody about this. What I do know is that alchemy is something that has to be cogitated. The analogies are all there with other kinds of brews. The time and energy it takes to concoct these exchanges/transmutations is less arcane than ever, thanks to worldwide websites like this, although it still takes time and energy and hermeticism, and an ongoing inquiry into refining one's virtues is also key.







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