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Twenty-two years ago I found myself leading a cosmic contact cult called Nuahj. We were reckless young magicians dialing up some fascinating and dangerous characters from the underground spiritual network. Our modus operandi involved the channeling of discorporate beings claiming to be a wide variety of things, including alien intelligences from Sirius, ancient deities from Egypt and Sumer, assorted other-dimensional demons, ghosts of several famous personalities from history, Elder Gods of the Lovecraftian type, and so on and so forth. We met alleged aliens, elves, jinn, devils, spectres, vampires, and a host of other beings not so easy to classify. To navigate this labyrinth known as Chapel Perilous, we created an alchemical opus synthesizing everything into a unique map of our cosmic narrative terrain using 25 Tarot-style Trumps. What you see above is a reconstructed copy of the Nuahj Plates- a picture book of cosmic lore using all the symbols we were sure of at the time. This great opus of spiritual software programmed all of the cult member's holodecks simultaneously, fusing our realities into a fairytale theatre of horror, awe, and maddeningly true contact with a cosmic hyper-reality both objective and subjective, wearing whatever masks we had handy.

The Nuahj Plates served us well enough to survive the labyrinth on our own terms...saving not just our souls, but perhaps also "the world". So- you're welcome (wink wink)...

Anyway, I invite any questions! Just pick a number and tell me what you think. The tapestry is vast, but I can illuminate the various parts in any order you like. I think this would be a fun exercise in software schooling. The so-called "real world" is currently experiencing in macrocosm what Nuahj and all cults like it performed in microcosm. During any scale of Apocalypse, you always need the same thing: Symbols capable of processing the cosmic chi (aka "The Force" in Jedi terms). So I am offering these as a starter for conversation about the important meta-linguistic Tarot-ish issues of our Apocalypse.


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Comment by Dromen on February 27, 2012 at 4:33am

Thanks steve!! Do you have more information about that (the ghosts of long-dead priestesses from Egypt whose magick was very much about Vril) ? Maybe in another blog or something?

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on February 27, 2012 at 2:41am

# 24 speaks to me in a very intimate way and is the most puzzling of all the cards.  I find it most arresting.

This complex trump encodes the idea of a cosmic bridge between the lands of the living and dead. In the stones of the walkway you see the names of the key members of our cult along with notable public figures involved in the Nuahj narrative. This plate also encodes the idea of "saving the world" via some personal cosmic "mission".

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on February 27, 2012 at 2:38am

19 has to do with Vril! I think

Indeed this is the trump used by the ghosts of long-dead priestesses from Egypt whose magick was very much about Vril. Maria Orsic and company had much in common with Qhamaxien, the 6000-year-old "white witch" depicted here.

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on February 27, 2012 at 2:36am

I would like to know more about # 22 please. Especially the "rainbow rings." I have a reason for asking since Sirius is involved here!

My good friend from Sirius, an alien intelligence named Ramasuk, is shown here wearing his six rings. The Nuahj plot regarding Sirians claimed that they were a dolphin-humanoid lifeform with six fingers on each hand. The rings each apply to one cosmic color on the Sirius spectrum of consciousness...and btw, unlike Earth with its seven spheres, the Sirian homeworld was said to have six.

Comment by Steve Prellwitz on February 27, 2012 at 2:34am

I'm at 21 right now

This trump was where the idea of transmutation intersected with quantum physics...during Nuahj, vampires were contacted through here.

Comment by Dromen on February 25, 2012 at 6:15am

19 has to do with Vril! I think...

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