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Numbers Vibration and meaning (1, 2, 3)

Numbers are great signs of the universe, holding the expanded endless energy flow. We should study and know the meaning of numbers, in order to understand simple messages from divine realm. They are special signs from angels, way of communication; they hold a sacred key to much deeper knowledge of the universe. Many people are now interested in science of Numerology, astrology, that can help them understand some natural laws and life events (like birth and death). Most information spread in this respect is very alike and nothing different is said; the resources repeat each other.

I want here to look at the numbers and their energy from one different and unusual point. Some events in the cosmic cycle of human and in this life time are well seen, as they have divine stamp. This stamp is actually universal code. As every human being is unique in this earth, so all the codes we have are unique – date of birth, of death, of child birth, of pregnancy, our face, eyes irises, lips, ears, palms lines, feet lines – all that are stamps and codes for us in the physical level. Numbers are some of the most powerful codes of the divine energy in human. We can understand many mysteries” with their help.

 I`ll explain the numbers line by line –in meaning, connection with elements and humans senses; and color.

First powerful line includes numbers [ 1, 2, 3 ]

From the cosmic perspective, this is the line of the Eyes sight. 1 and 3 represents left and right eye in human face, 2 is symbol of the Third eye. What this line say to us is: knowledge, seeing, understanding, acknowledging the divine laws, higher mind, expansion, connection of human with the endless Source of life (God); spirit, ascended masters. It’s the way we see the universe with our inner eyes, clairvoyance, love to the divine, religion, believes, truth. 

Number [ 1 ] represents the Oneness of all around us; its number of God, endless source, of Creator mind, universe as one, sacred place, wholeness, view from above, divine aspects of love; the elements encompassed in this number are Air, Ether, Light. The color this number radiates is violet-purple. Number 1 represents in human life new beginnings, new cycle, courage, destiny, self-love, self-acceptance, seeking spiritual growth, creating path alone, standing for your values; higher achievements in your life mission. People that are with this number resonate with element air, that is more social, fluid and moving. They love communication, and often are very open to the world.

As all in the nature though, (Yin and Yang) we should see the negative aspects of this number – related just to human developed qualities; If human does not use the divine energy of the number properly, they ll become: selfish, egoistic, intolerant, arrogant, overbearing, not compassionate, not feeling others, not understanding. Then this will resonate in destructive number (but always in connection with the human himself). Numbers alone are always carrying the divine energy. Remember that; just people are those who by their life choices and obstacles change the vibration of the numbers and things  with much lower.

Number [ 2 ] represents the amazing energy of Love in earth, also union of Yin and Yang, divine harmony, balance, peace, justice; number of element Water; Ether, its connected with the intuition, angel connection, Third eye, seeing beyond the visible matter; number 22 also has special connotation as magical number which doubles the energy of 2. (the same as 11). This number strives for universal peace, stands for human value of life, health and flowing energy. It resonates purification and truth. 2 is evolving in the cosmic eye of Ra; of all seeing Gods eye; of our perceptions for the universe. It`s birth sign is white swan; the water of 2 -22 is lake, sea and ocean. It is related to cleansing the energy of Third eye and higher mind, to human aspects of love, integrity, two souls becoming one, sexuality, union of 2 hearts, family spirit, togetherness.  2 for humans will be a hard number with several lessons to learn –about love and devotion. The negative aspects of 2 are: fearfulness, doubt, hard to make choices, fear to brake relationships –even negative ones, fear of being alone; What helps number 2 people is their aim for purity and justice. They can have fears, but when they are strong enough to overcome them, will enjoy inner peace. What is given to these people is rarely given to any other number – they can find inner peace within themselves, enjoy little things, be satisfied with little. Some 2 numbers will have psychic abilities and strong connection to angels and spirits. They should be careful about their sleeping habit, to record their dreams and maintain dairy. Most lessons for them will be about love-marriage; truth finding and expressing. The color of 2 is light indigo-violet with golden sparkles. It has energy of stones tanzanite, lapis lazuli, sodalite; Indigo quartz. It represents the sense Seeing; and qualities understanding, intuition, knowledge; in human body it unites the sight of 2 eyes. 

Number [ 3 ]

This amazing number is widely spread in folklore, legends, fairy tales traditions. Many things are done 3 times to receive sacred energy. 3 is divine number representing the force of Fire, and color ruby red, orange; This is active transformation, force of change; if 1 and 2 are divine connections, 3 is active faith in the Gods power; 3 creates power, makes things to move ahead. It contains willpower, standing for the rights, values and causes; This is warm number, that is quite happy if seen in humans birth date. Number of changing nature, sun light, spring season, represents all red flowers, roses, hibiscus; It s also number of arch. Michael, who is here to protect you and increase your power. 3 is the Light as a fighter against darkness, its not passive observer of events. It will destroy the dark forces, also inside humans mind. Its related to Seeing, left eye, believe, justice, transformation of mind, of believe system, reorganization, active power. This number resonates with protective energy and can be increased by light of red candles (3). (* Ritual for change with 3 candles). It is against stagnancy, idleness, laziness, stillness. Opposite of 2, 3 reaches to resolving conflicts (while before that it may provoke such conflicts), of moving energy, without rest, creative mind; in physical level –hard work, standing for your values.

It resonates with qualities passion, love, willpower, change, strength, overcoming obstacles, courage, fearlessness, ambition; it can also represent the active sexual energy; burning fire; family united with the child. This is the number of the Holy Trinity – God father, God son and Holy spirit. Not the aspect of 1 (god), but all together create the multiple universes in the cosmos. They are the sacred fire-in breath.

Abide in divine Light!

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nina Lea nour

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