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Numbers Vibration and meaning [ 5,6 ]

Number [ 5 ]

This is a special number, as its situated in the middle of the numeric square. It can go with all other numbers –by vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines. It contains union of all elements and Ether. This is number with high vibrations and contain magical energy. Its color is sparkling silver and pearl white. Connected with person date, shows past life experiences and old lessons, that should be repeated. Most people with number 5 meet in the life time old familiar souls from their past existences. 5 is very radiant number, loving as friend, and soul mate; the hard thing for it is to bring all aspects of life in balance. It represents Pentagram – and people with this number in the chart and with New or full moon –can possess psychic and magic abilities. (if the number is of your life path – or your spiritual mission – sum of birth date and month). 5 represents river - this is the sacred river that flows between all worlds, between here and afterlife, between dimensions; earth plane and angels world. This number has hidden power of protection and magic – all rituals you make are with help of pentagram; many orders use this sign as magic protection (wicca). It symbolizes ancestral memory and continuity. 5 is unique number connected with moon and sun together; it contains no other exact numbers than 5 (and five times 1 air element). It `s connection between all elements – river of union and separation in the same time.  

5 represents the world of high light, harmony, protection, fire element united with water; earth united with wind. Its sacred figure is obelisk, circle, sphere, pillar. Its animal is Pegasus –mythological winged white horse. 5 represents the sense of smell in higher level; this is one of the important senses to develop, as you can sense the danger and fear.

Weak point of five are: obsession, illusions, disbelieve, lack of confidence.

Number [ 6 ]

This special number represents sense of hearing, like 4 and the right ear of the universe. Its vibration colours are pale green (crystals peridot, emerald, green calcite), peach and soft pink (peach tourmaline, peach quartz, rose quartz). This is the number of emotional connection to the earth. The sent of 6 is flower blossoms, it represents the harmony of the sub-element Flower and tree blossom. 6 is the number of the earth plane, bringing healing power and purification to human mind. Many natural elements have beauty of six shaped forms (snowflake – code for purity, cleansing heart; honey comb – has hexagon shape, some flowers and patterns of fruits). 6 is number of creative beauty, feminine energy, love and care for nature, ability to have closer connection with world of plants, trees, flowers; even ability to speak with them. Six contains 2 times element fire (sun light) -3 x 3; and three times element deep water – 2 + 2 + 2. As we know already all plants on earth need sun light and water in order to survive. The archangels of this number are Ariel, Haniel, Chamuel –they bring feeling of love, serenity and desire for harmony in humans heart. They represent the healing aspect of the soul (emotions, problems on level of love, forgiveness and openness to another, acceptance, self-love and self care). If 4 represents the physical health and vitality of our body as gift- 6 represents the health of the soul and feelings. Healthy person has strong boundaries with his heart, can listen, feel, understand his heart well, and then heart of others. Important aspect of 6 energy is purity and openness to others. Its symbol is the fairy queen with butterfly wings – Titania. Six positive qualities are – patience, devotion to work, devotion to others, love, compassion, empathy, open heart, feminine energy, purity;

6 negative qualities are: doubtfulness, lack of self-trust, lack of self confidence, envy, emotional imbalance, insatiable, want more and more, nymphomania, neglecting feelings of others, lack of self-care, uncleanness, depression. 

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