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~o~ Nathanael's Inspired ART (gallery)

~I AM NATHANAEL and this my work of ART~

11:11 Starseed Activation

Natanael BioCrystalline Image

12:12 Divine Feminine Mandala

Divine Oneness Mandala

The Heart of Amenti - Halls of Amenti

Harmonia Bratislava

Eara Crystalline Energy Signature

The Birth of the Victory Angel

Invoking the Goddess..a Tribute to Roshandra

Old Energy Peace Agreement

Seraphim Equilibrium - Album Cover for Echoterra (click to Enlarge)


iGaia Foundation Header

Chigaia Website

3nity1Love Company

Agape Christos Foundation Website

Relationships and Love Community

Elan Sun Star Photography

Freedom Forever International Academy

Elan Sun Star Photography

Elan Sun Star Photography

Amanda Hayley Music producent

Roman Rigell Photography

Angelic Festival 2008 Bratislava

Prague Esoteric Festival 2009


e-Home Automation

Harmonic World NGO website

Beautiful Energy of Nature - Corporate Client

Ning Design works:

144 City of Light Creators community

Goddess Rising Moon Portal Roshandra

Relationships and Love community Roshandra

Motion-Animation (2004):

MAXCORE studios - Prague&Slovakia 2000-2004



InspiredMedia Company Facebook page,

Nathanael Private Facebook page

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Comment by NAT*ANAEL on June 22, 2010 at 5:10am
thanks for the supportive message Yzuwex!
Comment by Yzuwex on June 21, 2010 at 1:16pm
Wow. Extremely beautiful and inspiring...and reminiscent. Well done and I hope somebody's paying you a lot of earthly capital! :P

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