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He's an offline legend

and he's got a tale to tell

He's an offline legend

because he still knows how to spell

The manuscript reads like a dream

Black on white of coloured cream

He's filled them all - he bought a ream

And although it gets passed round

His book never will be bound

The story concludes with the hero realizing that language has been transformed.

The only way for this edition of the race to get his meaning is for him to exude it.

His sincerity is more important than his words - - while the insincere languages of lawyers, presidents, businessmen, gossips, watered down irony, celebrities, starlets, advertising, certitude, fear, sloganeering, angry parents, kids and partners domineering, politesse and clatter and fleeting online chatter have bludgeoned the value of words as orgasmic clues to humaniversal joy.

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