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"Thank you so much, it was really useful and beautifully woven."

The words come and echo upon the canvas of your being, but what is that being?

In meditation the field of resonance is a primary goal of building foundations.  As you become still and move, the subtle sense deepens, the body is still, yet in eternal motion.  Just as in the night, the subtle sense becomes fine, and the depth this reveals makes the simple sense of the body expansive, into infinity.  The awareness cannot hope to contain all that arises in its field, nor is it lost in the editing operations of the mind.  Within the sense of being, the field of resonance arises.

"Thank you so much, it was really useful and beautifully woven."

These words come to you, but they are not something for you to take and hold, feather in cap.  Instead, they are embraced as real and fully sensed, into the fibers of being, into the soul.  This is an idea, 'soul,' which exists as ones sense of a body possessing a vastness that rivals the world.  This soul only exists in potential, until one can sense the form as an infinity (the ‘vibratory’ body) which exists far beyond the basic senses and before boredom.  It demands the experience of annihilation in regard to the self that can be held, fully known in the sphere of awareness.

There is no dead space here, within the confines of the body, there are not confines so much as crossing over points.  The words are not for oneself alone, if they are accepted, they cascade within and into infinity.  

Is it possible to live as though esteem where not for the ego, but the being, instilling each fiber of the soul with a deep purpose and completion for each completion?

There is nothing to fear here, that some negative word must be guarded against, only bæware of the presence of another, in relation to ones own center and the other four directions.  That’s for a different time, but let us simply say there’s not much to fear, beyond the direction ones actions take, in regards to anothers words.  Keep it simple silly.

The lucid dream is one factor across the threshold of the boundary point.  As the sense deepens, the mind builds a form, like the physical form, which communicates with oneself (this is still a limited perspective but it will suffice).  May one show gratitude for the esteem shown and honor through the care of the form, the body beyond oneself?

The words comes and they are not for oneself, they imbue the fabric of ones being with the fulfillment of purpose and appreciation.  

That being is the cascading canvas of ones soul.

The society we form within is the canvas of the mind.

The world within which we are the biological counterpart to the mineral machine, perhaps it may yet be the heaven.  May humanity recognize the necessity of toxicity and of cleanliness in the two self-directive forms of human intellect?

Allowing the still point within, the breath deepens, the pulse deepens, the psyche releases what is within resonance.  The words come, they are not for one-self alone, but one is the channel and guides for a moment, the flow of life does not end with oneself.


A few thoughts from a seeker on the way, take them with your own critical thought, openness to experience and judgement for your own reality.

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