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God in everyone is the source of all, because God in everyone is the meaning of there being a source. It is the ability we all have to experience - each individual soul altogether. The Goddess of Divinity is the individual having an option to fill everyone with God, to be fulfilled. Her choice to be fulfilled was the fulfillment of God - the creation of everyone in all.


Then as from a selection greater than anyone, as we all chose to be or not to be, everyone was fulfilled. That fulfillment was the motion of God in a wholly quickening acceleration - filling everyone with God.


Everyone filled with God has been through the wholly quickening acceleration on the level of its own existence, to find awareness of its own existence - meaning enlightenment. Everyone is filled with God since the great shift in 2012 - the height of the wholly quickening acceleration. It means we have been made ready for an eternal existence as free individuals.

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