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The predecessor to movie theaters was the church
Think about it, huge structures with "flying" buttresses. Light shining through colored glassed illuminating dramatic scenes.
Singing about concepts of divine entities and great struggles. Drama...
The basis for our own modern world perhaps.
Grab the attention, bring them in.
Then defile them.
What medieval peasant wouldn't be drawn to the "awe" inspiring convolution of sight and sound.
Living on meager ends, more than likely enduring the loss of family and child. Rampant disease and no sign of hope while enduring the waves of loss and lack.
This my friends is the herding of the sheep, into the corral.
And I argue that this same form of control has been transformed into that of cinema and TV.
And again through the internet.
The existence of material loss and material lack has been flipped though. It has been Idolized. Our fascination with "Crime" shows. This is what you seek for "entertainment"?

The west is now bathed in overindulgence and material sustenance (like we need more material shit around us to feel safe, and soon the world will know too.)
Aside. If the Ganges river is so special from a spiritual perspective, why is it full of trash. I think this says less about the river itself and more about our concept of spirituality.

It's almost as if we were just led into another pasture of control. The grass is a different color here though, woo-hoo.
This process has been so carefully mastered, that this form of drifting from distraction to distraction, you yourself have been indoctrinated to unknowingly, and You perpetrate the uselessness.

"Social media"
From what I can tell, there's not much social about it.
Inversion and replication.
The individual is reduced to a image of avatar smaller than the size of postage stamp.
No context is given to anyone's "comments". The very concept of a "thought" is attacked and polarized.
If you attack the possibility of holding a contrarian thought to the current social dynamic, then you might as well line up the crosses, coil up the rope, and gather the firewood...
Oh yeah, how many "people" do You "follow"?
Its subtle, and genius honestly. Distraction has undermined your ability to think independently.
Your sovereignty has been willfully forfeited to the acceptance to the group.
Victory has defeated You.

Please enter this beautiful structure created by man, let the spectrum of colors within hypnotize, come and drink up the beautiful sound of voices singing to the literal interpretation of your life.
But stay for the brimstone and hell. Leave with the felling that you are not enough. Seek to achieve that which you accepted you do not already have.

If Neitzcthe says that "God is dead", I would elaborate on this further stating that acceptance of possibility,,, of creativity is dead. To clarify, not that creativity itself is dead, but "the acceptance of the possibility" is dead.

Now, go back to work. We'll have more distractions advertised, discounted, and popularized for you worship when the day is over, and you WILL be in awe of this distraction and emptiness it so subtlety provides.

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