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Path of Initiation - 01 - Kabbalah Lessons - Live Chat - TRANSCRIPT


<esoteric_steve>: Thank you all for making time in your schedules to be here

<flameinthesnow>: It's an honor to be here.

<SylvesterGeorge>: Has the sessionnstarted yet?

<esoteric_steve>: We are almost ready to begin

<SylvesterGeorge>: Okay. Cool

<esoteric_steve>: Before jumping into the lesson, I would like to give some background on our Author, Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

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<esoteric_steve>: Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi is the Hebrew name of Warren Kenton, born in 1933 into a Sephardic Jewish Levite family in England. He has studied the Teaching since he was twenty-five and has visited the major historic sites of the Tradition in Europe, North Africa and Israel. Over this time, he has written sixteen books on the Kabbalah, including a novel.

<esoteric_steve>: He is the Principal Tutor of the Kabbalah Society and a Fellow of the Temenos Academy in London. He sees it as his task to clarify Kabbalah and update its mythology and metaphysics in terms of modern science and psychology.

<esoteric_steve>: Aksis may I ask you to take down a transcript

<Aksis>: yep

<Aksis>: got it

<esoteric_steve>: Now then, Halevi is the main force in the Kabbalah Society

<esoteric_steve>: here is a bit of background on that organization

<esoteric_steve>: Welcome to the Kabbalah Society web site The Toledano line of Kabbalah has its roots in medieval Spain where the three branches of the Abrahamic revelation met in a civilised cosmopolitan atmosphere. Then the Kabbalah brought about an esoteric fusion of religion and philosophy. In our time we relate its ancient theories and practices to modern psychology,

<esoteric_steve>: science and art.

<esoteric_steve>: I should mention that Kabbalah has many branches and interpretations

<esoteric_steve>: please click the following picture below


<esoteric_steve>: everyone see it OK ?

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<esoteric_steve>: to the right of my name

<esoteric_steve>: cool ok

<Aksis>: awesome

<esoteric_steve>: so as you see , the roots are in egypt

<esoteric_steve>: our Kabbalah society picks up prior to Issac Luria

<esoteric_steve>: who you will see as occuring just after Classic Kabbalah

<esoteric_steve>: here is a picture of the tree of life, a central part of kabbalah


<KristenLewis>: why is the line dotted from the pythagoreans to judaism?

<esoteric_steve>: some of you may have seen this before, some of you may not. you will want to memorize these 11 names

<esoteric_steve>: the link between pythagoreons and judaism is not clear in our current understanding of history

<esoteric_steve>: ok it is almost 6:30, we are about to begin the lesson

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<esoteric_steve>: everyone please take 10 slow breaths

<esoteric_steve>: begin

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<esoteric_steve>: PATH of INITIATION Lesson 1.

<esoteric_steve>: “God’s place is the World, but the World is not God’s place”

<esoteric_steve>: In this Kabbalistic saying is the clear statement that while God is present in Existence, God is quite separate from it.

<esoteric_steve>: This mystery of Immanence and Transcendence is where God and the World meet in intimate and mutual knowledge. Such a miracle forms the basis of the Kabbalistic view of the Universe and its interpretation of the Scriptures.

<esoteric_steve>: What is Immanence?

<esoteric_steve>: in this sense, we can think of it as indwelling

<esoteric_steve>: What is Transcendance? we can think of that in an inverse way, as being outside

<esoteric_steve>: In early times Kabbalah was divided into two parts, the Work of the Chariot and the Work of Creation.

<esoteric_steve>: The former, whose subject is man, is concerned with human nature and the methods of penetration into the deepest and highest level of man’s interior universe.

<esoteric_steve>: The latter is the study of the exterior cosmos of the four Worlds, their origins, construction and function in relation to man and God. This is the subject we will be tackling first in our Path of Initiation into Cosmology.

<esoteric_steve>: here is another definition of transcendance

<esoteric_steve>: Being above and independent of the material universe. Used of the Deity.

<esoteric_steve>: The key to this Kabbalistic scheme is, as it has always been, the Sefirotic Tree.


<flameinthesnow>: Why was the word, "chariot" used?

<esoteric_steve>: it relates to scripture and the merkaba

<flameinthesnow>: Thank you, that makes much more sense.

<esoteric_steve>: also relates to the body and physical things

<esoteric_steve>: there is a website called work of the chariot where you will find tons and tons of sepherotic trees

<esoteric_steve>: please see the most recent image i have posted

<esoteric_steve>: This diagram of all things Called Forth, Created, Formed and Made is the objective image of the Manifest Universe at every level. With its aid, the present outline is an attempt to portray a general picture of the World based on ancient and modern findings. Its language is of our time and its depth is the limit of my comprehension of what I have been taught.


<LightTree>: I've never seen Equilibrium, Form, and Force as the names of the pillars-interesting

<esoteric_steve>: in the toldeano tradition, the tree expands, and is referred to as jacob's ladder


<SylvesterGeorge>: Being above and independent of all the realms not just the material

<esoteric_steve>: yes

<esoteric_steve>: Man’s place is the World.

<esoteric_steve>: As the image of God, man has the greatest possibility of realizing the Immanence present in the Universe.

<esoteric_steve>: The World provides the conditions for man’s work towards perfection, and in return man aids the World towards its completion, so that that which has been separated reunites.

<esoteric_steve>: In this mutual knowledge, the Immanent and the Transcendent meet in the place of God.

<esoteric_steve>: lesson 1 over

<KristenLewis>: was that the 4 worlds? The ladder?

<esoteric_steve>: yes

<LightTree>: So each world consists of its own tree of ten sephirot?

<esoteric_steve>: the key point of that lesson is to recognize that Immanence and Transcendence of the divine

<esoteric_steve>: yes, through emanation

<LightTree>: ok

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<esoteric_steve>: chockmah is an emanation of chochmah in keter

<esoteric_steve>: binah is an emanation of binah in chochmah

<SylvesterGeorge>: Thw Ladder is not the four worlds but links the four worlds

<esoteric_steve>: it relates similarly with the worlds

<esoteric_steve>: welcome Richard

<RichardMiller>: thx

<esoteric_steve>: Are we ready for Lesson 2? or any further questions

<RichardMiller>: peace and blessings to all

<esoteric_steve>: or comments

<esoteric_steve>: another definition of immanence is Existing or remaining within; inherent:

<esoteric_steve>: also known as prescence

<SylvesterGeorge>: And each sefirot contains its own Tree

<KristenLewis>: is that kind of like the concept of the giver?

<flameinthesnow>: I have always resonated with the Tree of Life, but am unclear of the flow between the points

<esoteric_steve>: yes however we see it as a work of creation and a work of the chariot

<LightTree>: So each sephirot, being a sphere contains a whole tree within?

<KristenLewis>: the world providing the conditions for our work

<flameinthesnow>: "each sephirot contains its own tree" - do we have further information?

<esoteric_steve>: yes if you are familiar with fractals it is similar

<flameinthesnow>: Is this like a fractal?

<flameinthesnow>: OK

<esoteric_steve>: shall we carry on? we will discuss the containments in the future

<SylvesterGeorge>: You will see the flow in Part Two

<LightTree>: So pathwork throughout these sephirot should take way more time than originally thought of when considering there are trees within each sphere

<LightTree>: ok

<RichardMiller>: understood

<LightTree>: fractal understood

<esoteric_steve>: OK

<esoteric_steve>: PATH of INITIATION Lesson 2. Symbol and Reality

<esoteric_steve>: How is the indescribable described? It is impossible,and yet mystics of all traditions have attempted it despite the fact that they will fail and create only a faint after-image of something direct experience alone can give. Why then do they try?

<esoteric_steve>: It is because natural man would have no conscious idea of the supernatural Worlds if he were not shown that there is an order and purpose even within the invisible realms.

<esoteric_steve>: another word for indescribable is ineffable

<esoteric_steve>: To be without knowledge, no matter how dim, is to be in utter darkness dominated by fear and confusion. Every natural man knows this from the experience of arriving in a place he does not know at the dead of night. Indeed this is natural man’s condition when he intrudes into the next World during or after life.

<esoteric_steve>: Mystics down the ages, and Kabbalists are no exception, have continually tried to describe the Worlds beyond the natural senses.

<esoteric_steve>: Sometimes they have used myth, and sometimes elaborate metaphysics. All the devices used have intentionally fallen short, because they are merely representations of reality.

<esoteric_steve>: Occasionally they have succeeded, but for the wrong reasons, when people without comprehension have taken the symbolism for the real thing.

<esoteric_steve>: This is why in the course of time new analogies have had to be constructed so as to free people from an image that comes to bar rather than bridge the view between the natural and supernatural.

<esoteric_steve>: he oldest formulation of the upper worlds in Kabbalah is that of the Bible.

<esoteric_steve>: In its first chapters, the Creation of the Universe is set out in a myth that contains a very precise account of the unfolding process from the Eternal to the natural world.

<LightTree>: Poimandres too?

<esoteric_steve>: somewhat although that is more hermetic

<RichardMiller>: All

<LightTree>: oh ok

<esoteric_steve>: he Talmud or the rabbinical commentaries on the Bible contain references to the underlying cosmology, but there is no complete scheme, and what mention is made is often cast in oblique allegory.

<esoteric_steve>: The post-Biblical classic, the Sefer Yezirah, or Book of Formation, sets out its world picture in terms of astrology blended with scripture, number, alphabet, anatomy and geography. Its imagery complex and peculiar to its time.

<esoteric_steve>: This same situation occurs with the Sefer HaZohar, or Book of Splendour, whose vast texts range from the most sophisticated metaphysics to simple folk belief.

<esoteric_steve>: the sepher yetzirah and sefer hazohar are "classics"

<esoteric_steve>: The latter-day Kabbalists of the immediate post-medieval period extracted what they could from these previous formulations and developed their own version of the Worlds above and their workings. Isaac Luria is the most widely known Kabbalist of this epoch, and his main ideas are still with us today, although

<flameinthesnow>: Are there parallels between these texts and the Bhagavad Gita?

strong>esoteric_steve>: much modified by the eighteenth and nineteenth century Kabbalists of Eastern Europe.

<esoteric_steve>: we could discuss comparative religion another time if you don't mind

<esoteric_steve>: however the root is the same, which is Man

<flameinthesnow>: sorry, I didn't really mean to compare, I was seeing associations

<esoteric_steve>: This present work is based on the pre-Lurianic view. It is less intricate than Luria,s scheme, but more verifiable in theory and practice: this truth can be tested easily in relation to the body and the psyche, because they are more perceivable phenomena than the subject of this work. Here again we pose the question,

<esoteric_steve>: How do you describe the indescribable

<esoteric_steve>: he answer is that all that is to follow is a synthesis of images, an amalgam of Kabbalistic presentations of what the Universe is, how it works and what its purpose is.

<esoteric_steve>: sorry for the typos i keep dropping the t's on The

<RichardMiller>: np I follow

<esoteric_steve>: that is the end of lesson 2

<esoteric_steve>: What to take away:

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<esoteric_steve>: we must use symbols to describe the indescribable

<esoteric_steve>: we have had many allegories over time

<esoteric_steve>: this is to aid man in understanding of the invisible

<Krisrosae>: Peace fellows

<esoteric_steve>: and in understanding of the ineffable

<esoteric_steve>: peace Kris, thanks for coming

<esoteric_steve>: Questions/ comments?

<Krisrosae>: I'm a master Mason, been studying for some years looking for minds

<SylvesterGeorge>: It is also because we are commanded not to copy antthing that ia in heaven or on earth or beneath the Earth

<esoteric_steve>: excellent

<Aksis>: im following just thinking

<flameinthesnow>: What do you mean, "copy"?

<LightTree>: ^good question

<Krisrosae>: Do we need to worry about what we bring back?? George? Often times I have to decipher it myself,

<flameinthesnow>: How do these symbols correspond to what some might describe as dimensions?

<SylvesterGeorge>: Make a representation as in a painting

<Krisrosae>: I see

<LightTree>: Also as for symbols, we may use symbols that others have "brought back" but in essence we should allow it to show itself to us however it does, yes?

<flameinthesnow>: But couldn't a representation be thought of as a fractal?

<Krisrosae>: Yes

<Krisrosae>: For my understanding Demi signs are not the same as the symbols

<esoteric_steve>: the symbols and allegories we use are indeed a crucial part in this study - you could argue - it is almost impossible to communicate these truths without the use of such devices

<Krisrosae>: When I meditate and go into myself I see symbols fly by

<Krisrosae>: I agree steve

<KristenLewis>: I'm confused by "brought back"

<esoteric_steve>: this is why the sephirah or divine attributes are plotted on the tree of life symbolically

<SylvesterGeorge>: They contain many levels of Understanding and Wisdom

<KristenLewis>: can someone explain?

<flameinthesnow>: What is "demi" - does that mean script?

<RichardMiller>: used again

<LightTree>: by brought back I mean using a symbol that someone else has described as seeing..

<KristenLewis>: ah!

<KristenLewis>: thanks

<Krisrosae>: Kristen - when I "go to heaven" or go connect to my guardian angel, through meditation, that's what I meant by what j "bring back"

<Krisrosae>: The wisdom, and /or symbols "brought back"

<KristenLewis>: so we are not to create on our own?

<KristenLewis>: (going back to what george said earlier)

<LightTree>: So for example if You meditate and see a spinning triangle.. I may use the symbol to "go to the heaven" You have, but it is possible that this symbol may morph into something else for Me, yes?

<Krisrosae>: I believe we can create our own, I believe the symbols we see may have been created by others or ourself in past lives

<flameinthesnow>: What about many spinning triangles?

<RichardMiller>: I agree

<flameinthesnow>: Ah this may be true, Krisrosae.

<RichardMiller>: we are builders

<esoteric_steve>: Shall we continue?

<LightTree>: "spinning triangles" was just the visual idea I chose to use for my question on perceiving symbols haha

<LightTree>: yes

<flameinthesnow>: yes, thank you

<Krisrosae>: Ohh yes the symbols do indeed morph into other shapes or objects, they can go from 2d to 3D even, like a circle to a sphere

<KristenLewis>: yes

<Krisrosae>: Let's please let's continue steve!

<RichardMiller>: yes

<esoteric_steve>: OK then

<esoteric_steve>: PATH of INITIATION Lesson 3 BEFORE THE BEGINNING

<SylvesterGeorge>: The symbols of the Sephirot in the Tree of Life contain m,any levels of Understanding and wisdom within each symbol that would require books on each to explain but is instantaneous once the student grasps the concepts involved

<LightTree>: thank you

<esoteric_steve>: yes Sylvester thank you

<esoteric_steve>: God the Transcendent is called in Kabbalah AYIN. AYIN means No-Thing. AYIN is beyond Existence, separate from any-thing. AYIN is Absolute Nothing.

<Krisrosae>: Hence why and how we must be able to use discernment in order to meet others on their level

<esoteric_steve>: AYIN is not above or below. Neither is AYIN still or in motion. There is nowhere where AYIN is, for AYIN is not.

<Krisrosae>: Aylin soon

<Krisrosae>: *ain soph - paradise

<esoteric_steve>: AYIN is soundless, but neither is it silence. Nor is AYIN a void-and yet out of the zero of AYIN,S no-thingness comes the one of EN SOF.

<LightTree>: Divine Paradox

<Krisrosae>: Indeed

<esoteric_steve>: EN SOF in Hebrew means the Endless. As the One to the Zero of AYIN, EN SOF is the Absolute All to AYIN,S Absolute Nothing.

<Krisrosae>: The monad

<esoteric_steve>: God the Transcendent is AYIN and God the Immanent is EN SOF. Both Nothing and All are the same.

<esoteric_steve>: Beyond the titles of AYIN and EN SOF no attributes are given to the Absolute. God is God and there is nothing to compare with God.

<esoteric_steve>: Tradition states that God willed to see God and so God’s Will, symbolized by light, shone nowhere and everywhere. thus the EN SOF AUR, the Endless Light of Will,was omniscient throughout Absolute All.

<Krisrosae>: Indeed

<esoteric_steve>: From God knowing All, God willed the first separation so that God might behold God.

<Krisrosae>: Love is the law! Love under WILL!

<LightTree>: The Trinity

<esoteric_steve>: This, we are told, was accomplished by a contraction in Absolute All, so as to make a place wherein the mirror of Existence might manifest.

<Krisrosae>: Beautiful

<esoteric_steve>: The place that was vacated was finite in that it was limited in relation to the Absolute All that held it. This act of contraction, or Zimzum, as it is called, brought about the void of Unmanifest Existence even though it was, we are told, the size of a dimensionless dot in the midst of the Absolute.

<esoteric_steve>: Unmanifest Existence is the place of Emptiness.

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<esoteric_steve>: It is quite different from No-thingness because it is a thing, although it is a negative, like the void in a hollow ball.

<flameinthesnow>: For some reason, this brings to mind a spiraling black hole.

<esoteric_steve>: Such a condition must exist so that Positive Existence may come into being within it.

<LightTree>: So Absolute All is still negative existence>

<LightTree>: ?

<esoteric_steve>: According to some Kabbalists, the Will of God that surrounded the vacated space in the symbol of the EN SOF AUR began to penetrate as a beam of light into the void of Unmanifest Existence.

<RichardMiller>: Void AYIN

<esoteric_steve>: please restrain questions until the lesson is complete

<LightTree>: ok

<esoteric_steve>: This brought into focus the three factors that made the void. The first was the Will of the Absolute, the second the Act of allowing it to happen and the third the Restriction to limit and contain the event.

<esoteric_steve>: These three principles at work within EN SOF AUR are called by some Kabbalists the three Zahzahot or the three Hidden Slendours.

<esoteric_steve>: The Zahzahot were the hidden roots of what eventually would become the first of several sets of major laws that would govern Existence. They generated the processes of expansion and contraction overlooked by Will.

<esoteric_steve>: lesson complete

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<esoteric_steve>: now i had wanted to share some pictures

<esoteric_steve>: for discussion


<esoteric_steve>: outside of the en sof aur we have ein sof

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<esoteric_steve>: notice now the line of light permeating through the circles


<SylvesterGeorge>: That lesson has revealed many profound concepts and the Seeker needs to meditate on these

<LightTree>: So Ayin AND En Sof are considered negative existences in that they hold the potential for positive or material existences>

<LightTree>: yes for sure SGeorge

<esoteric_steve>: Line of Light: In the midst of the all -pervading EN SOF AUR, a space was vacated by the Absolute so that a positive manifestation could enter into its negative existence

<SylvesterGeorge>: Ayin and Ensof are positive within themselves but negative in relation to us

<esoteric_steve>: Into this void the Will of God seen by some Kabbalists as a Line of Light, penetrated

<LightTree>: understood

<esoteric_steve>: we mentioned the three splendors

<esoteric_steve>: to Christian kabballists these are interpretted as the holy trinity

<esoteric_steve>: it is an area of study for many

<esoteric_steve>: i am not positive that it relates to the christian trinity

<esoteric_steve>: i personally have studied it as the three heads of keter

<SylvesterGeorge>: Not at all

<flameinthesnow>: I can see his this could be interpreted

<flameinthesnow>: how this

strong>esoteric_steve>: it is a very complex subject

<esoteric_steve>: please, look at this image


<esoteric_steve>: the three splendors have been loosely translated into english meaning as Faith, Will, and Pleasure

<RichardMiller>: my understanding god son and void

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<esoteric_steve>: that picture is outside of the scope of the lesson, i merely want to share to show the complexity of the three splendours

<SylvesterGeorge>: The tree heads of the Supernal are three manifestations of the prime attributes of Ayin

<esoteric_steve>: Yes exactly

<flameinthesnow>: a beautiful image

<esoteric_steve>: the infamous three veils

<esoteric_steve>: of negative existence

<RichardMiller>: understood

<esoteric_steve>: Nothing, Endlessness, and Endless light

<esoteric_steve>: followed by the contraction Zimzum

<KristenLewis>: question...Netzach=eternity Hod=reverberation? Is this something you will get into in another lesson?

<esoteric_steve>: which created a space in the great void, for a line of light to enter

<flameinthesnow>: What does "unconscious unity" mean?

<KrisRosae>: The all became aware of self and self created self though these triple stages of darkness

<esoteric_steve>: yes a detailed study of the sephirah is planned

<SylvesterGeorge>: I Am the Great Father and Great Mother. EHYEH YAHWEH ELOHIM

<KrisRosae>: One of the stages of darkness is our mothers womb

<KrisRosae>: Which is a sphere, or 360

<KrisRosae>: 3+6+0 =9, the 9 months to born life

<esoteric_steve>: I hope you have all enjoyed these lessons. I have only planned on doing just three, but if you guys want, perhaps we could do one more?

<esoteric_steve>: we still have a bit of time

<KrisRosae>: Let's do it

<RichardMiller>: sure

<KristenLewis>: sure

<LightTree>: I'm in!!!

<Guest17612>: yes pleaseeee

<esoteric_steve>: Ok!

<Aksis>: yea

<LightTree>: Will this lesson stay here when we're done? I'm def gona have to go back over.

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<SylvesterGeorge>: The void of Unmanifest Existence could be likened to the womb and the semen to the En Sof Aur

<Guest17612>: btw thank you so much steve!!!!!

<Aksis>: its being saved

<esoteric_steve>: I will post a link to the transcript in the event

<Aksis>: itll be posted

<LightTree>: Yessss! Awesome

<esoteric_steve>: ok, here we go

<esoteric_steve>: oops my apologies, i cut the lesson 3 off

<esoteric_steve>: here is the rest of it

<esoteric_steve>: we left off with

<esoteric_steve>: the three Hidden Splendours. The Zahzahot were the hidden roots of what eventually would become the first of several sets of major laws that would govern Existence. They generated the processes of expansion and contraction overlooked by Will.

<esoteric_steve>: Kabbalists sometimes regard them as the original acts of Mercy and Severity operating under the direct eye of the Absolute.

<esoteric_steve>: While these Hidden Splendours lay outside both Unmanifest and Manifest Existance,they profoundly affected the nature of the Universe,which was the result of their interaction,as it came into being out of the Will of EN SOF.

<esoteric_steve>: The event of becoming occurred when the EN SOF AUR began to penetrate the periphery of the void.

<esoteric_steve>: In the first penetration of the KAV,or light beam of Will,through the frontier between EN SOF and the void came the separation of Existence from the Absolute,because in the generation of positive Existance the EN SOF was concealed,hidden beneath the manifestation.

<esoteric_steve>: Thus EN SOF is sometimes called the Concealed of the Concealed.

<LightTree>: ahhh

<esoteric_steve>: The first manifestation at the circumference of the void was named the Prime Crown.It has many other titles,like the Concealer of the Concealed,the White Head and the Crown of all Crowns.

<esoteric_steve>: Most Kabbalists knew it by the God Name of EHYEH (or I AM),where the Absolute allowed Existence to be.

<esoteric_steve>: The first Light,(or Sefirah),as this manifestation of Divinity is called,is the seed of all that was,is and shall be.

<esoteric_steve>: It is the Light from which all other Lights(or Sefirot),emanate.

<esoteric_steve>: At the margin between the Absolute and the relative Universe,it contains all the World in equilibrium.

<esoteric_steve>: Until the Will of EN SOF AUR penetrates into the void and emanates manifestation,the Prime Crown is the unrealized possibility of all things,(similar to virtual reality).

<esoteric_steve>: When God willed the World to come into being,the seed took root and grew downward into the trunk,branch and fruit of a Divine Tree that would act as an intermediary between the World and God.

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<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 3 over

--- Poussin is away (Auto away)

<esoteric_steve>: as Sylvester had said, profound truth will require time to absorb

<esoteric_steve>: profound teachings rather

<SylvesterGeorge>: That is profound and needs much meditation

<esoteric_steve>: i am not here to tell you what Truth is

<Guest17612>: lesson 4???

<LightTree>: So quick recap- Ayin, En Sof, Ein Soph Aur, Ehyeh

<RichardMiller>: EHYEH

<esoteric_steve>: yeah

<esoteric_steve>: ok , I also cut a part off of lesson 2 - I apologize, folks, it is the following paragraph:

<LightTree>: EHYEH being the First Ego??

<esoteric_steve>: Nothing that is said is any more than a symbol for a reality that the natural mind cannot ever comprehend. If however there is a shift, a lift in the perception of the reader, then the image may dissolve to reveal that reality.

<SylvesterGeorge>: Hear Hear


<RichardMiller>: agreed

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<esoteric_steve>: ok - still good for lesson 4?

<LightTree>: yes

<SylvesterGeorge>: Yes

<esoteric_steve>: i am not confident to agree that ehyeh is related to ego

<RichardMiller>: yes

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<esoteric_steve>: as it is more lofty in nature

<Guest17612>: omg!!!yesss!!!

<LightTree>: By that I meant the First recognition of beingnes

<SylvesterGeorge>: We will argue that later

<LightTree>: beingness - the 'I'

<LightTree>: ok

<esoteric_steve>: yes , ok


<esoteric_steve>: PATH of INITIATION Lesson 4. Manifestation

<KristenLewis>: did you say this is going to be posted later?


<esoteric_steve>: yes

<esoteric_steve>: When God willed that the Line of Light should penetrate beyond the First Crown of Manifestation and proceed towards the centre of the Void,the interaction of the three Zahzahot brought about a second process.

<esoteric_steve>: This was the law generated by a progression from the point of departure from the Absolute in the act of separation to reach the point of full manifestation,that is,the stages between the seed and the full-grown tree bearing the fruit seed for the next generation.

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<esoteric_steve>: The phased progression comes about because the three Zahzahot exert their hidden influence on the flow of Light in the following manner.

<esoteric_steve>: The First Crown is in a state of perfect equilibrium.But with the impulse to emanate coming from the Will of God it comes under the Zahzah,(or Slendour of Action),and so becomes an expansive principle of power.

<esoteric_steve>: This active aspect,however,is and must be checked by the Restrictive Splendour or it will over-extend the emerging Universe.

<esoteric_steve>: When the prime trio of Emanation had been established,the Line of Light then proceeded to repeat the process,with the Will allowing the next expansion and contraction phases to be completed in a series of three,

<esoteric_steve>: until just before the end of the progression the Will resolved the Line of Light at the centre of the Void into what could be called the fully manifested synthesis of all that had gone on before.

<esoteric_steve>: The Line of Light,on reaching the centre of the Void,is now seen as a series of Sefirot,(or Lights),some being active,some being passive,with others at crucial points of equilibrium being the manifestation of the Will of God as it is emanated into Existence.

<esoteric_steve>: Some Kabbalists see the Line of Sefirot also as vessels,with each lower Sefirah receiving the emanating Will from an upper and imparting it to the one below.

<esoteric_steve>: Here begins the complex study,and Steps of Initiation 0f metaphysics,in which you,as a fellow Kabbalist,seeks to understand the nature and workings of what has come to be regarded as the Divine World of Emanation within the void of Unmanifest Existence.

<esoteric_steve>: The most well known of the metaphysical formulations of the Line of Light progression is the Sefirotic Tree of Life.

<esoteric_steve>: this is more complete than,say,the formulation of the Lights and Vessels scheme,in which one is placed inside the other like a sequence of enclosing kernels and shells.

<esoteric_steve>: The Sefirotic Tree contains all the laws that govern the Manifest Universe,in that it is based on the interaction of the three Zahzahot and the stages of Sefirotic progression from its inception into Existence to its resolution and return to the source of

<esoteric_steve>: existence

<esoteric_steve>: ? not sure what that word is

<esoteric_steve>: The law of initiation,progression and resolution is called by some Kabbalists the Great Octave,because it is seen very clearly in the analogue of the musical major scale.

<esoteric_steve>: In this,the upper Do is the First Crown,with the second note as the active and the third as the passive note.After Do Re Mi comes the interval of a semitone,

<esoteric_steve>: which is crossed by the Will directly intervening to aid the impulse across to the next active note or phase of Fa

<esoteric_steve>: The octave then proceeds to Sol,a note of passive form.The flow is again helped by an act of Will Which carries the emanation on to the active La and the passive Ti.

<esoteric_steve>: At this point comes the last interval or semitone which is filled by the Will just before the impulse resolves in the last Do.


<esoteric_steve>: Such a progression can be seen in the linear arrangement of the Line of Light,but is most usually formulated into the diagram of the Sefirotic Tree.

<esoteric_steve>: The reason why the Tree is as it is,is because it demonstrates very graphically how the two prime laws of the triad and the octave combine to composethe Divine but relative World of Emanation.

<esoteric_steve>: In this interaction of the Do of the First Crown is the point of equilibriumand so acts as the fulcrum of Will to the scheme,while the notes of Re and Mi take up the active and passive roles to right and left of the middle point.

<esoteric_steve>: This trio makes up what is called the supernal triad that heads the three pillars which are to be developed out of the influence of the three Zahzahot and the progression of Emanation.

<esoteric_steve>: the first interval or semitone is placed just below the Crown.However,it is not regarded as a true note,for reasons that become apparent later,but nevertheless it acts as the transformer between the supernals and the next pair of Fa and Sol.

<esoteric_steve>: These Sefirot are situated in line with the two side Sefirot above and make the mid points in the outer functional pillars that are emerging.

<esoteric_steve>: The central Sefirah again has no obvious role except that it is the receptacle of all that has been and will pass on what will be.Here again the Will operates,although it performs as a non-note.

<esoteric_steve>: he two last notes take up their place on the Force and Form columns,so completing the third pair of functional Sefirot.They in turn make up two small triads,one with the central Sefirah above and one with the Sefirah of the semitone that fills the interval below.

<esoteric_steve>: They also make a great triad with the lowest Do.The scheme of the Tree completes itself with the connecting of various Sefirot according to the law of sub-triads so as to reveal all the levels and functions within the perfect World that has been Emanated from the First Crown.

<esoteric_steve>: The ten Sefirot,plus the one non-Sefirah,are known by Hebrew names,based on Biblical roots,which describe the attributes of God when manifested in the Divine World.

They also make a great triad with the lowest Do.The scheme of the Tree completes itself with the connecting of various Sefirot according to the law of sub-triads so as to reveal all the levels and functions within the perfect World that has been Emanated from the First Crown.

<esoteric_steve>: The ten Sefirot,plus the one non-Sefirah,are known by Hebrew names,based on Biblical roots,which describe the attributes of God when manifested in the Divine World.

<esoteric_steve>: Words denoting the Sefirot collectively vary according to different Kabbalistic schools.

<esoteric_steve>: For example,in one period they were called the Crowns,in another the Faces of God,and in another the Powers.There are many others.

<esoteric_steve>: As for the particular names of the Sefirot,there is general agreement,with several exceptions.These are not so much differences as emphases in interpretation,because no name is any where near adequate to describe the Divine principle embodied in a Sefirah.

<esoteric_steve>: The Hebrew names and their English equivalents are given in figure 6.There are several English translations for the same Hebrew root.These lessons use a particular set because they are considered to be the closest to the function of each Sefirah.

<esoteric_steve>: Each Sefirotic name describes the quality of the Sefirah,although this is by no means apparent at first sight.Thus,for example,all the Sefiroh on the passive pillar are receptive and have the qualities of Form,in that Understanding is the formulation of

<esoteric_steve>: ideas,Judgement is exercised in response to something,and Reverbration is the echo toan impulse coming from any one of the other Sefirot.

<esoteric_steve>: ( for figure 6 refer to the following image):


<esoteric_steve>: It is the same with the active pillar.Here the impact of Revelation is seen in Wisdom,while the power that must be behind Mercy is enormous.

<esoteric_steve>: Eternity is the principle of repetition,the incessant input necessary to make the world go round.The central pillar is concerned with Will and with the Grace which descends from the Crown through Knowledge to Beauty,which is the Sefirah that reflects the top to the bottom of the Tree.

<esoteric_steve>: Foundation and Kingdom are respectively the manifestation of an image plan and the actualization of it in the Divine material.

<esoteric_steve>: he Sefirot are joined by twenty-two paths,which form a network of triangular sub-systems or triads.

<esoteric_steve>: This arrangement is one of the several lesser laws that govern the relative Worlds.

<esoteric_steve>: Their function is to enable the Line of Emanation to circulate generally as against just down the Lightening Flash,as it is called,of the Octave.

<esoteric_steve>: By this system of paths,various minor combinations of flow can occur and so bring about different emphasis in specific parts of the Tree.

<esoteric_steve>: At this point in Existence,the Sefirotic Tree is the unchanging model of perfection.

<esoteric_steve>: Within its field nothing is born,grows,decays or dies.It is the eternal paradigm of Law,the place where Divinity is manifest,where the Will of the Absolute may work upon the as yet uncreated Universe to come.

<esoteric_steve>: As the attributes of the Divine set out in Existence,it is the mirror of the Image of God.

<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 4 Complete

<esoteric_steve>: that was a lot to go through - hence why i had planned just to present three lessons, thanks for sitting through it!

<Aksis>: its good

<flameinthesnow>: thanks.

<esoteric_steve>: thanks everyone, I hope you enjoyed these lessons

<SylvesterGeorge>: Please excuse me brothers and sistefs but I have a car parking problem. I will see you all next sesssion, my Lord willing. Shalom

<LightTree>: yes, this is awesome! Thank You immensely

<flameinthesnow>: Through the metaphor of the musical scale, I receive a hint of the connection with Pythagoras.

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<Guest17612>: thank you!!!!!! a big hug for you

<LightTree>: Take care SGeorge

<esoteric_steve>:  :)

<KristenLewis>: thanks steve!

<RichardMiller>: thanks steve

<KristenLewis>: this has given me a lot to think about

<esoteric_steve>: look out for a link to the transcript. we should have one posted shortly, in an hour or so

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<LightTree>: Yes! And images and anti-images haha to meditate

<esoteric_steve>: it's interesting how they use the symbols of the musical scale to describe the line of light

<RichardMiller>: I agree

<esoteric_steve>: just goes to show how often we must rely on symbols and allegories to describe the study

<RichardMiller>: how does this apply to Solfeggio Scale

<SylvesterGeorge>: Shalom everyone. Thanks Steve. You are doing real fine

<Aksis>: bye sylvester

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<RichardMiller>: or rather does this reference to it as the same

<esoteric_steve>: hmm

<KristenLewis>: it's interesting to when you think of the notes within a single note as the sound is tapering off

<esoteric_steve>: i'm not sure how it relates to the solfeggio to be honest

<LightTree>: the force behind the sound

<KristenLewis>: its the same as trees inside of sephirah

<RichardMiller>: it has too because the knowledge predates the scale

<RichardMiller>: I would think

<flameinthesnow>: "do re mi" is a medieval construct

<flameinthesnow>: Pythagoras would have had older symbols

<RichardMiller>: MI – 528 Hz Intent: transformation and miracles (DNA repair)

<flameinthesnow>: and yet, still the eight tones (an octave), that idea is attributed to his school

<LightTree>: I would have originally thought Do was at the bottom with Ti at the top of the tree since it is a higher frequency

<RichardMiller>: RE – 417 Hz Intent: undoing situations and facilitating change

<RichardMiller>: Do is not on the solfeggio scale

<LightTree>: Wait, I see it repeats

<flameinthesnow>: yes it repeats


<LightTree>: I was looking at the lightning bolt image

<flameinthesnow>: the interval at the next octave is also "do"

<flameinthesnow>: ah yes

<flameinthesnow>: It is interesting to me that as the pitch is raised, the density is seemingly lower?

<flameinthesnow>: that is, more dense

<LightTree>: That is what I was thinking earlier

<RichardMiller>: Do (262 Hz) pitch is frequency

<Aksis>: ah interesting yea

<KristenLewis>: bye everyone

<esoteric_steve>: cool pythagoras link

<Aksis>: bye kristen

<LightTree>: But that seems backwards.. I would think that as frequency became reduced we would have more density

<esoteric_steve>: i'm taking off too, thanks again

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<esoteric_steve>: bye

<LightTree>: take care!

<RichardMiller>: bye

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<LightTree>: Good night All

<RichardMiller>: farewell all

<flameinthesnow>: good night and thank you

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I want to apologize for not making it to the live chat. This is an awesome site! The teachings were very informative. Thank you, Steve. I will have to go over all of this several times!

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