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Path of Initiation - 02 - Kabbalah Lessons - Live Chat - TRANSCRIPT

<esoteric_steve>: Lessons by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton), Principal Tutor of the Kabbalah Society.
<esoteric_steve>: Topics covered:
<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 1: Introduction - The Mystery of Immanence and Transcendence - The Work of the Chariot and the Work of Creation. - The Sefirotic Tree
<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 2: Symbol and Reality - Symbolism - The ineffable
<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 3: Before the Beginning - God the Transcendant = AYIN = Nothingness - God the Immanent = EN SOF = Endlessness - The EN SOF AUR = the Endless Light of Will - The line of light - The Zimzum and the Zahzahot (the hidden splendours)
<esoteric_steve>: Lesson 4: Manifestation - The Do, Re, Mi - An elucidation of the Sefirotic Tree
<esoteric_steve>: going to get started on lesson 5 now, so here we go
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<esoteric_steve>: PATH of INITIATION Lesson 5.
<esoteric_steve>: Divinity
<esoteric_steve>: The perfect and unchanging World that emanates from the First Crown is eternal.
<esoteric_steve>: While what lies beyond the First Crown is timeless,the World of Emanation is time-full.
<esoteric_steve>: Here is Existence without end,as long as the Absolute wills it.Should God reverse God,s will to see God,the Universe would vanish and the void of Unmanifest Existence be filled and dissolved into All and No-thingness again.
<esoteric_steve>: he World is sustained by the Will and Grace of God.Until God ends Time the Emanated Tree of the Sefirot will exist for ever.
<esoteric_steve>: Tradition calls the World of Emanation the World of Unity.
<esoteric_steve>: This is because while there is a system of relativity between the manifest Divine Attributes,they are in fact expressions of the One.From Keter,the Crown,all that is flows out,and in this emanation no thing is in isolation,for nothing can exist on its own.
<esoteric_steve>: Only God can be separated and transcendent,and so while the differentiation between Force and Form,between above and below,and between one Sefirah and another,is precise,by their very relationship they all merge into a Unity of Divinity.
<esoteric_steve>: Keter,the Crown,is the manifest source of the World.
<esoteric_steve>: As the first manifestation it stands next to the Absolute but is separate from it
<esoteric_steve>: The Hebrew name for Emanation is Azilut,whose root also means “to stand near”.
<esoteric_steve>: This is a very precise description of a place or World that is both outside and inside Absolute All and Absolute Nothing.
<esoteric_steve>: The World of Azilut is the World of Divine Lights.
<esoteric_steve>: It is also called the Glory of God,which permeates the lower Worlds of Existence as an unseen radiance
<esoteric_steve>: This impression of the Light of Manifest Divinity recurs in all esoteric traditions and comes down to natural men even in folklore.Among Kabbalists Azilut is described in many ways.
<esoteric_steve>: According to one formulation,God brought Azilut into being by ten utterances.These Ten Words came out of the Black Fire of Unmanifest Existence into the White Fire of Azilute.
<esoteric_steve>: The Sayings we are told,became the various aspects of Divinity in the archetypal plan of the Sefirotic Tree,and they are the Names by which God is called.Their arrangement developed as follows:
<esoteric_steve>: Out of Keter, the God Name of EHYEH (or I AM), emanated the Will to be in Existence.


<esoteric_steve>: Realized in the Divine title YAHVEH,whose root means “to become”,the second God Name is associated with Hokhmah(or Wisdom),the Sefirah which heads the active column of Force.
<esoteric_steve>: The third God Name,associated with Binah at the head of the passive column of Form,is ELOHIM,whose literal translation is “many Gods”.
<esoteric_steve>: In Kabbalistic terms that is “I will be manifested in many.”
<esoteric_steve>: This triumvirate of EHYEH-YAHVEH-ELOHIM constitutes the Three Great Heads of Existence.
<esoteric_steve>: As such they represent the Divine Mind and the World,and the Wisdom and Understanding of God,whose Ways are not our ways,whose Thoughts are not our thoughts.
<esoteric_steve>: The God Names for Hesed and Gevurah,like the Sefirotic titles themselves,differ among the Kabbalistic schools.All titles,however, reflect the Mercy and Severity of Divinity.
<esoteric_steve>: n this course,s scheme,the God Names of EL and YAH are used.
<esoteric_steve>: the former,meaning simply ‘God’,is on the active pillar;the latter is a shortened version of YAHVEH.these two Names are lesser manifestations of the upper side of Sefirot.
<esoteric_steve>: I posted a picture of this arrangement if you click on the space
<esoteric_steve>: As such they indicate a significant and crucial mirroring in the small triad they both help to compose with Tiferet at the centre of the Tree:when joined together,they unite in the Combined God Name of Yahel or Yahoel,
<esoteric_steve>: which is one of several titles given to the Azilutic Tiferet.
<esoteric_steve>: The same occurs when the other Combined God Name of YAHVEH-ELOHIM is also seen to be attributed to the key Sefirah of Tiferet.
<esoteric_steve>: Here ,at the place of Adornment,as Tiferet is sometimes called,is the confluence of the upper Azilutic World.Some Kabbalists call Tiferet the ‘HOLY ONE-Blessed be He’.
<esoteric_steve>: The two lower functional Sefirot are known by the God Names of YAHVEH ZEVAOT and ELOHIM ZEVAOT,
<esoteric_steve>: which being translated mean the HOSTS of YAHVEH and the HOSTS of ELOHIM.
<esoteric_steve>: These multiple titles describe the executive operations of the columns of Force and Form.
<esoteric_steve>: They carry out the directives of Divine Mercy and Judgement,and the plans of the Intellect of Divinity.
<esoteric_steve>: As the Hosts of God they implement,through repetition and reverbration,all the things that are willed to be done.
<esoteric_steve>: EL HAI SHADDAI,the God Name of Yesod,the Foundation of the Divine World of Azilut,is translated as the LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD.
<esoteric_steve>: Here on the central column of equilibrium the Will of God is manifested in the image of Divinity.As such this title represents the appearance of Divinity,the Living Power and Glory to be glimpsed by those creatures that attain the highest levels of spirituality.
<esoteric_steve>: The last God Name of ADONAI means MY LORD and is the title of the bottom Sefirah of Malkhut,the Kingdom.
<esoteric_steve>: Tradition states that this is the place of the Shekhinah,the Presence of the Lord.
<esoteric_steve>: It is the God of those creatures that cannot reach the upper parts of Heaven.As Malkhut is the Divine Presence,so the Shekhinah has its place,at Malkhut,in all the lower Worlds as the representative of the Immanence of God even in the densest of materialities.
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<esoteric_steve>: While the God Names emanate from I AM in a Sefirotic progression,there is,however,a secondary series of Divine Names down the central axis of the Azilutic Tree:
<esoteric_steve>: HE for Keter,THOU for Tiferet and I for Malkhut.
<esoteric_steve>: These epithets indicate that the Absolute’s Will has direct access to the World called forth in the Ten Divine utterances.
<esoteric_steve>: It will be noted there is no God Name for the DAAT or Knowledge of the Azilutic Tree.
<esoteric_steve>: This non-Sefirah is the Abyss between the three great Heads of the supernal triad and the rest of manifestation.To penetrate beyond this veil of the Holy of Holies is to see the Face of God before passing out of Manifest Existence.
<esoteric_steve>: Another Kabbalistic version of the World of Azilut is the figure of Adam Kadmon,the Primordial Man.
<esoteric_steve>: This analogue is taken from Ezekial’s vision on the bank of the River Cheber,where the prophet saw the appearance of a vast man seated upon the likeness of a throne,which was carried by the appearance of a chariot drawn by four strange living creatures.
<esoteric_steve>: Surrounded by a fiery brightness,the figure in Ezekiel 1,is likened to the Glory of God.
<esoteric_steve>: This human but divine model has been seen by some Kabbalists as the first perfect manifestation of the Absolute,as God the Transcendent sees God the Immanent in the image of Azilute
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<esoteric_steve>: The Divine Image of the perfect man occurs throughout Kabbalistic tradition.In its literature,perhaps the most well known but often widely misunderstood presentation is set out in a curious book called the Shiur Komah,which translated reads ‘The Dimension of the Stature of God’.
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<esoteric_steve>: Such remarks in it as ‘that the soles of his feet cover the Universe’ are misleading to the literal-minded who cannot see that it means the bottom plane,or Malkhut,of Emanation overlays the lower Worlds of Creation,Formation and Making.
<esoteric_steve>: The book,full of number and name combinations,has inevitably been denounced by those who cannot see beyond the limits of the natural World.
<esoteric_steve>: Even Maimonides,the greatest of learned rabbis,could not accept that the giant image was an allegory of something outside his Aristotelian philosophy and religious orthodoxy.Declaring that the book should be burnt,he revealed his limit of comprehension.
<esoteric_steve>: For those who perceive the inner meaning of Adam Kadmon’s figure,it contains a wealth of knowledge concerning the World of Divinity.
<esoteric_steve>: Generation after generation of Kabbalists examined and developed the theme of the Primordial Man,until in medieval Spain there was released into the public domain a detailed anthropomorphic diagram of the Azilutic World.
<esoteric_steve>: This human scheme was presented in the Zohar,in the Books of Conceiled Mystery and Greater and Lesser Assemblies,where the description of a vast head and the symmetry of its beard outlines an intricate and complex metaphysical scheme.In our example,we will set out the simplest version of Adam Kadmon.
<esoteric_steve>: he figure of Adam Kadmon is usually presented from the rear,out of respect for the verses,Exodus 33:20-23,which state that no man may see God’s Face and live.
<esoteric_steve>: However,Moses is allowed to view the back part of Divinity.The next thing that is noted about this image of the primal man is that the left side is dark and the right is light.
<esoteric_steve>: This indicates that not only the Force and Form aspects of Azilut but the Male and Female elements present in Adam Kadmon,because the figure is androgynous or an amalgam of the two sexes.
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<esoteric_steve>: This indicates that not only the Force and Form aspects of Azilut but the Male and Female elements present in Adam Kadmon,because the figure is androgynous or an amalgam of the two sexes.
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<esoteric_steve>: The theme of sexual polarity constantly occurs in Kabbalah,as it is the most obvious symbol for the active and passive sides of any World,its inhabitants or events that occur under the Laws represented in Adam Kadmon.
<esoteric_steve>: While in Azilut the two sides are embodied in one being,in later and lower Worlds the difference becomes more pronounced,until in the natural World of Assiyah the active and passive columns are actually physically separated into the sexual division within and between plants,animals and people.
<esoteric_steve>: However,at thye level of Azilut,the Perfect World,the two sides are said to be in face-to-face union and like one being.
<esoteric_steve>: The next thing to be observed about the figure is that the three Sefirotic columns are clearly set out along the vertical axis of the body.
<esoteric_steve>: The active Sefirot are on the right and the passive on the left,with the Sefirot of Will located on the median line running from the Crown down through the spine to the feet.
<esoteric_steve>: In some Kabbalistic schemes the left and right are reversed like a mirrored reflection,so that the active appears on the left.
<esoteric_steve>: This is merely because the image of Adam Kadmon has been visualized as facing us.
<esoteric_steve>: Such differing standpoints sometimes cause some confusion among those who see diagrams literally and perceive no further than the logical explanation.
<esoteric_steve>: However, the image is clear,if the principle is seen that,for instance,
<esoteric_steve>: Hokhmah is always the active Intellect of wisdom by its position by or on the head of Adam Kadmon,and that Hesed is always the active arm of the Divine man.
<esoteric_steve>: Some Kabbalists place Hesed over the right breast,saying it is the positive side of the Divine Heart;
<esoteric_steve>: the difference is insignificant,when the arm is seen to act in accordance with that side of the heart.Binah and Gevurah represent the left,passive or severe side of the head and heart of Divinity.
<esoteric_steve>: Together both side pairs of functional Sefirot are subject to Keter,which hovers as a crown over the head of the Divine Man.The non-Sefirah of Daat or Knowledge is placed by some Kabbalists over the throat and mouth.
<esoteric_steve>: Here,it is said,is the place of the Bat Kol(or Divine Voice).the actual phrase means ‘Daughter of the Voice’,and it is the Voice of the Holy Spirit,which is said to reside in this non-Sefirah.
<esoteric_steve>: A Biblical example of the Bat Kol is seen in the unearthly Voice that announced the death of Moses to the Israelite camps in Sinai.
<esoteric_steve>: It is also to be found in more private circumstances in the still small inner voice,and in the symbolic image of a descending dove.
<esoteric_steve>: The central Sefirah of Tiferet is usually placed just below the heart in the body,
<esoteric_steve>: although some Kabbalists regard it as the whole torso,which acts as the pivot for all the limbs and head.
<esoteric_steve>: This concept is borne out in the Sefiroyic Tree.
<esoteric_steve>: No doudt there was the same idea of a nexus,in that the human solar plexus with its radiating nervous system is an excellent symbol for Tiferet.
<esoteric_steve>: This central placing again emphasizes the division between the upper and lower half of the World.
<esoteric_steve>: While the intellect may think,and the heart act through the arms,nothing can be accomplished unless the lower parts move the being into full action and generation of events and offspring.
<esoteric_steve>: The idea of generation and creation is located in Yesod,which is placed over the genitals.
<esoteric_steve>: From here,Adam Kadmon can produce another being or World,in his own image,except that it will be at yet one more remove from the Absolute than he is.
<esoteric_steve>: This newly created being,in turn,can produce a next generation,but this is yet another World distant from the Source of All.
<esoteric_steve>: Yesod,as the foundation of Adam Kadmon,is his organ of generation;as such it carries the image of Adam Kadmon
<esoteric_steve>: ,but in seed both male and female.In the Divine state of Azilut as such there is as yet no fruitification,no reproduction because there is still no lower World of Creation to be inhabited by creatures.
<esoteric_steve>: Yesod in Adam Kadmon has to reside in eternal perfection until God the Creator wills the next World into being.
<esoteric_steve>: On either side of Yesod,sometimes on the hips and sometimes on the legs,are placed the Sefirot of Nezah and Hod.
<esoteric_steve>: These functional principles are called the supports of the Divine Adam.As right and left legs,they implement the Grace descending from above and transmit,with Yesod the Will to the feet at Malkhut.
<esoteric_steve>: Here is where the being of Adam Kadmon touches the CreatedUniverse,when it comes into existence.
<esoteric_steve>: As the lower half of the Divine body,all the Sefirot beneath the heart are seated in and are part of the Throne of Heaven,which is a Kabbalistic symbol for the Beriatic World of Creation that emerges out of the World of Emmanation.
<esoteric_steve>: This event occurs because of four distinct levels found in Azilut,which prefigure and eventually precipitate three further separate Worlds outside Eternity.
<esoteric_steve>: end of Lesson 5
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<esoteric_steve>: A diagram of Adam Kadmon
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<esoteric_steve>: here, chohkmah, chesed, and netzach make up the left side of the man, which is actually his right
<esoteric_steve>: again in this picture, wisdom / mercy pillar shown on left side when usually this is the right pillar
<SylvesterGeorge>: I would have thought that Divine Love would be placed at Tifert and not Hesed
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<esoteric_steve>: mercy as the ultimate forgiveness, tiphereth features some restriction/justice


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