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If you place yourself in a situation that you are very familiar with, and you allow yourself to observe, you see caricature.
Take a bar for on a Friday night for example.
If you go alone, and just sit and watch, you see the guys getting off from after hauling trash decompressing from their job in a way where the Friday night drink with tha boys is now a ritual and helps bring in the weekend mindset.
You see the man and women hashing out thoughts, complaints, and experiences together. So involved are they in this process they are not conscious of their own surroundings.
These are patterns of behavior.
And these observations are not novel in regards to a bar on a Friday night, at most places on this planet.

The thing about patterns is that to some degree, I would argue the most important reason, is that we are very good at pattern recognition.

Thus our ability to hunt effectively through recognizing and understanding migrant patterns of food sources.

Through our worship of the cyclical patterns of the stars and planets that we built monuments to and with.

Also the invention of agriculture. Where we stopped moving...

This is the part that troubles me, and why I write this.
Just like any other aspect or concept balance is key.

We are damn good at pattern recognition and have been so for a very long time, but that which you look at (long enough), you become.

I think now currently, that balance between pattern (habit), and roaming (exploring) that early man did before mass agriculture is far gone.

Rat's in a box will create new problems to express their need for challenge. Movement. That challenge would most likely come from the closest rat.

I argue here that, the box is yours. Not someone elses.
It's your because you have accepted it.
Just like you have potential to accept other perspectives.

That new perspective is born of friction, questioning, exploring, and thus creation.

The environment is here to present that to you through "obstacle", "friction".
Balance must be the end goal.

The bird uses the wind to fly higher, or maybe lower, but the relationship is there.
The bird is only because the wind is. It's a of natural extension of energy.
If I was wind, I'd want some bird flying, being, living because of me, flying with me.
That'd be fun.

I AM a product of my environment. Because there is play to have.
That which creates, does so simply.
No words needed. No "good" or "bad" just expression.
Words are our playground.
Speak clearly. The universe is listening.... Your 'Immortal Lover'

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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