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So I am going to layout some fundamental aspects of my current mental wanderings in regards to the esoteric/occult genre of reality. Which for me, tends to shade my personal, day to day life experience.
I mean it has to, it's a new lens to view the world that produces results and new experiences.
Any who…

Signs and symbols. They gain power through attention. Now if you have inherited these symbols via cultural tradition or subliminal methodology, can you truly know the intent behind the symbol?

But what if we have a multitude of symbols that fit together? Well then there must be meaning in that, right?
This is one consideration that might be more applicable to our current point in time, but also we didn't arrive at this point suddenly. It was a process.

The idea that complexity derives meaning, should be challenged.
Go back to the symbol, or sigil perhaps. Complexity is being "boiled" down to something simple.
Complicated word soup stripped of mouth sounds (a, e, i, o, u, say it out loud and then tell me those aren't animal noises) and replaced with emotion/attention.

Again, the idea that complexity derives meaning, should be challenged.

There's a lot more to be said and considered in this particular thread of thought.
Let us try to keep it simple.

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