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This idea I had for interpreting the elements through music, and then extending that to the planets, was interesting, but I think I missed the point. Or the non-point.
It was all based on interpretation. There is no seperation of the elements, these planets, these signs.
This might seem "elementary" as far as occult knowledge goes, but I believe it bears repeating.

You are not changing, or isolating elements, planets, etc.
What you are doing is exercising your perceptions of those energies.

One is to be aware, two is to transmute.
If I am aware, the energy remains.
If I transmute, the energy is still there.
What has changed? My perception.
This I can control.

Now we can seek spiritual endeavors, but the question dressed in different clothes still remains.
Why are you here, what is your purpose, etc.

I am beginning to think that these are silly questions.
Why question when you can act?

Ahhh, the problem. We question because we can.
Well why not just act and not question?
Or just question and not act?

Back to the music.
There's thought here, there's also emotion.
Improvisation and expression.
Imagination within the structure of instrument and skill.

Sounds pretty good to me...

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Comment by Chris Kelley on June 25, 2019 at 8:55pm

Thanks Mr. Petty. 

Comment by James R. Petty on June 24, 2019 at 10:12pm

To question is to act. In a reality where there is no stagnation, where everything vibrates, where everything resonates at a certain frequency, inaction is an impossibility. To be curios is to compose thought, the composition of thought is the action of creation. We as conscious beings are able to create through thought, this by definition is action even in a stagnant phase. So to question is to act.

How can one act without questioning. Our very nature is that of curiosity. It is how we formulate our civilizations. It is what causes the manifestation of our reality. To act then is to question. Why build planes other than to question the laws of gravity. Why construct skyscrapers other than to question the limits of the atmospheric pressures. We question because we act, we act because we question. Not as two separate entities of duality, but a single spectrum of reality composing perception. What is perception if not our curiosity being explored. What is reality if not perception manifested. Reality is limited to perception because perception is limited to curiosity. Thus reality is composed by questioning as questioning is composed by reality.

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