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This will be a social commentary. Take from it as you will. These conclusions of mine are based in real life experiences, and this is the best I can do to try and explain those experiences.

Shiny things will get you caught in traps.
Consider personal relationships that you have been in, and those of your friends. 
What was the basis of instigating that relationship? She's pretty, he's hot, that person is successful, they need help...
What exactly was the motivation for the creation of the relationship?
In my opinion the majority of relationships that occur nowadays are the result of  temporary satiation.
You long to fill a void within, and you look to others to fill that void.
And you have been trained to chase the shiny, the quick fix. Because the feeling of that void is so unbearable. You need distraction. And the world serves it up, then charges you for it.

Why bother looking at that void? Just fill it with more empty stuff and people.
And then accept the circumstances of these relationships with empty stuff and people as law.
Bring them into your life and then be owned and consumed by them.

The endless amount of information we consume, the quick fix for whatever irritation that bothers us, the myriad of streaming/bingeable muck of drama's by fictional characters (I would say that the majority of talking heads on main stream media channels, and those that run said channels, probably didn't make it in hollywood), these leave us with the empty shoveled into the void.

And we are drawn to it, we pay for it, and accept the chaos it provides as a soothing distraction to the truth that lies within.


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