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          Keeping up with the Precession of the Equinox, particularly the day on which the Spring Equinox fell, is a method of keeping time that is thousands upon thousands of years old.

        Maintaining accurate timekeeping from year to year by keeping up with the Spring Equinox is a method that has been used as far back as the ancient Egyptians and therefore its use is at least seven - perhaps thousands of years old - and that is a conservative estimate. Precession of the Equinox is a planetary- based phenomenon that results from the opposing gravitational pulls of Sun and Moon on the Earth.

         The easiest way to describe precession is as follows: The Earth is tilted on its axis 23.4 degrees and with its Moon circles the Sun every 365.24 days. There are 360 degrees in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and its path is divided by 12 zodiacal houses, each containing 30 days. The extra 5.24 days needed for the Earth to complete a single orbit is the result of the torque generated by the Sun and Moon’s gravitational pull on the planet, which slows the Earth’s orbital speed.

         The only way to keep track the 365.24 days needed to complete this 360 degree circle is to observe the zodiacal house in which the Sun rises on the morning of the Spring Equinox. The 5.24 day difference that is observed from year to year is borrowed from the coming year and placed at the end of the current 360-day orbit, between December 25 and the end of the year inn question.

         The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is counter-clockwise and the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is also counter-clockwise. However the solar year, which produces the solar calendar, unfolds in a clockwise direction. The torque that results from the gravitational pull of Sun and Moon upon the Earth results in the precession of the Equinox and it tracked along a westward track opposite to the Sun along the westward horizon.

         This movement results in a counter-clockwise rotation of the planet’s axis in the heights of its celestial sphere. This movement is known as the “Long Count Calendar” and it is produced by the rate of precession, which is incredibly slow. As determined above this rate is 5.24 days a year, year upon year until a 25,920-year circuit is produced. This 25,920-year, Great Year period is divided by the twelve zodiacal houses that ring the Earth’s orbit to produce twelve 2160 year ages. Each age is divided by 30 degrees, each 72 years long.

                                               30 x 72 = 2160 x 12 = 25,920

         The use of precession is an ever-present science that has been used by mankind since the use of history to mark time began. Precessional formula’s, which are formatted periods of time, were incorporated into the building sacred buildings such as temples and tombs. When building large structures with hewn stone became impractical, temple architecture evolved from massive stone edifices to carefully built structures whose shapes and dimensions mirrored the constellation to which the god and temple was dedicated. This science is known as Precessional Architecture.

       In addition, priests and scholars used precessional formula’s to create mathematical universes on paper. These paper universes could track time forward or backward over a 25,920 year period. They could use precessional formula’s to highlight specific dates or periods of time within the Great Year period. The lines of numerical code from which these paper universes were built were routinely hidden in sacred text because it was believed that they would connect the sacred text to the universal machine from which the numbers were derived.

       This science is known as Precessional Encryption. Precessional Encryption is the marriage of cosmology and astronomy with mythology, sacred architecture and religious text. It is a razor-thin, highly refined science whose mathematical formulae connect the workings of our manifest universe to the disciplines of sacred architecture and religious literature. Its creed is known to a precious few yet its deep seeded presence in sacred architecture and literature spans thousands of years and is plain to see for anyone who cares to look for it. This makes it one of the grandest of all sciences.

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