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The obstacles appear insurmountable. The progress is  very slow. We no longer wish to bore you with details of our struggle, if indeed we are struggling. We are not putting up much of a fight. The enemy has done a great job of selling us hopelessness, fear, guilt, lust, distractions, distrust, isolation, unworthiness,  etc. They would show us a clown if they thought we were still afraid of clowns. Maybe, they did and we didn't notice. Who knows?

But, wait! What lies behind each of those barricades? How do we come to understand and overcome what the 'enemy' is doing? Is it really hopeless? What about the other side? What about the ones who made it? Did they have easier paths? Why are they less vocal than the 'enemy'? Are they less vocal? Or, has the 'enemy' occupied our attention so long that we don't hear our allies? 

So incredible are the claims of our allies. That we could be worthy of salvation, of Universal Love opposes our reality in such a sharp way that we can't fathom it to be true. Much we must sacrifice! Much we must let go! Much we must forgive ourselves! Counterintuitive is way! Everything we have been told by our allies is true. The tactics employed by the 'enemy' have a built-in flaw: They validate the sayings of our allies. In other to attack they have to expose the way! 

Wrote this while we were about to cave to yet another wave of attacks.

Declaring war on the 'enemy' within. We will build on the little progress we have made. Let's Rock!! 

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