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Dear Jewish Nation,

I suggest that you no longer are afraid to write "God", as it is just as generic a term as "Hashem" (The Name). To show hesitation to do so would be a submission to the Christian misconception that with "God" they were addressing one specific being above all beings and things. Even the Bible itself makes clear that there is a "Most High God", hinting at the fact that "God" itself is a generic title, exactly like "Hashem".

I've learned that to the Jews it was a matter of humility and respect never to use any name of God outside of dogmatic citation. In fact, it might be considered blasphemy to violate this "law". I'm not an expert in Torah, nor may I ever be one, including all commentaries and oral traditions, but thus far from the pure text I could not find any direct reference to such "law" to begin with. But whether this was true or not, the point is that I believe this is not so much a law, but a simplification, as it is not expected of people to know "Which Aspect Of God" they are meaning to refer to in some generic outburst or prayer. Therefore it leaves that specification to the subject uttered itself and doesn't permit a person to gain such arrogance as to command a specific aspect of God to do his bidding. Needless to say that this might well go wrong to begin with and thereby could lead to a good deal of miscommunication.

Also, everything related to our lives is the result of the entire chain of creation. The majority of it is of no direct concern to the Infinite itself, because concern only develops down the chain to begin with. If you call upon a divine influence that may change or support your situation, it is about you receiving guidance and not so much about you making a magical ritual to point the finger at something in hopes that divine forces obey your request.

SO, who are you listening to then?

With a prayer you open your higher senses to receive "communication" in one way or another. You make yourself ready to sense beyond your normal reception. Please, permit me to become even a bit more occult now! Each and everyone of us is tethered all the way back to the Infinite. All our lines converge sooner or later. Our individual "Will" may stay separated, but proximity to the unity may have us influence greater and greater groups of "Souls", even if it is merely an aspect related convergence. Meaning, as aspects differentiate pure "Substance" into more defined substance, a fork in the path of creation takes place. This fork may be much like crossroads or knots on which we come together. All these paths and forks or constantly active, they are not a one time trip into Being, but the "cables" through which life "energy" passes through in order to have us take shape- or maintain shape. (Are you still with me? Bear with me for a little longer, please!) 

SO, as we send a prayer or a deeply seated wish into the universe, we may intuitively reach up to such earlier stage on which aspects of all our existence converge and hope to exert some influence, like a push or a nudge or a piece of our earthly insights on what effect a change "up there" can have "down here".

But to which stage up there are we praying to? To where are we wanting to rise for this nudge? Leave it up to the ignorant, which most of us (including myself (still very much)) happily are, and God only knows what chaotic nonsense will occur as we ask judgement to know beauty or love to know judgement, victory to care for splendor and so on.

Instead, we send a prayer up to the higher realms, all of which are God, as even we are God in our ever so entangled, dense physical aspect of It. We may even pray to a friend's higher aspect of being God, so that he or she may wake up in this level of being to make better decisions down the chain.

Anyhow, I think that these are truly the reasons for sticking with generic terms and that there's a deeply occult aspect to it that has little to nothing to do with blasphemy as we commonly understand it. It, however, also suggests a very different aspect of the concept of blasphemy to begin with. The reality is, most of us don't really nurture too intense superstitions to really consciously mess with the above. While on some hand this may well be a blessing, on the other hand it might very well have been our greatest curse, too. Time will tell, should we reach a stronger awareness collectively of what goes on in the process of our existence.

I could give more concrete examples of the names of aspects of God down the divine road into being. But, although I have learned a fair amount, I still consider myself rightfully too ignorant to give a reliable account. That, and I'm a little too lazy to dig through all the material right now, haha. Forgive me for that, please! But I had these thoughts above and couldn't help but share them with you. Forgive me this, too, please.

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Comment by Ommi on September 1, 2012 at 8:43am

It shows how the mind can dominate over spirit when convenient...............If transcendence came into the equation.............the thought that would probably arise is ''what were they thinking ?''(the ones responsible for passing on such conditioning).........but then again the planet is dominated by the conditioned mind.

I feel that a time is coming when the spirit dominated 4th chakra (heart) will begin to make its presemce felt and this form  of mental predjudice will be seen by the next generation as a worn out ideaology disconnected from what is real...................OM

Comment by Taron on September 1, 2012 at 8:14am

Ahahaha, yes, but I don't want to scare them off by going "that far"! (LOL - in despair)

That's an eery topic, because it has far more to do with physical disputes than religious, but this one's strong enough, including the accrued history, that they chop with all their might a gap between the nearly identical belief-structure. But then- you can't really approach a Jew with the word "Belief" to begin with. I love them, you know, just as I love all by default, really, regardless of the confusion that may turn any human against any other, because somehow their consciousness had been buried beneath earthly entanglements so deep, that they can't accept the truth that binds us and puts us onto the same general purpose. But the Jews have a tendency to insist that it is "Knowledge" that gives them their conviction, tracing everything back down the ancestoral chain to the unique reception of the Torah. So many times I've heard some say that it is the only truth ever provided to men by the Creator himself. I can't even begin to tell of my dislike against this very root of ignorance, but it still provides them with a strong power to preserve the wisdom that was handed to them. Whether they can actually be an interface for it or not.

Why they don't see that the Islam represents exactly such a strong devotion that enables them to preserve the wisdom handed to them in just such a consistent and powerful form, I don't know. But a territorial dispute and the subsequent cruelties exerted by both parties just destroyed their will-power to acknowledge the similarities. Those should bind them in order to share their insights, share what's been given to them and examine it for even greater clarity. If anything, the time difference between the key deliveries of the wisdom they've been given should highlight a good reason to exchange, since nature is in a constant change and mankind along with it adapts not only to remain functioning in it, but also to be able to read with ever greater clarity the causalities behind it all.

Comment by Ommi on September 1, 2012 at 6:02am

And please for just once in your life can all of you drop all preconceived dualistic concepts and hug the nearest Arab(or any other nationality) and say ''I love you'' ........You are a human being no worse, no better than the rest of us........................OM

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