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Race cars, thunderstorms, and the ego

Race cars, thunderstorms, and the ego. Yep... I feel that sometimes the most important lessons are derived from simple observations. I would also say that what is more practical in the individual pursuit of expanding consciousness is the consideration of these very subtle "forces". So working through this now, these subtle forces are not directly visible, but you can infer there existence through the observation of events over time. Now scientifically these forces are described in mathematical terms and variables, but even now with our advancement in technology, each onion peel produces only more questions. Will they ever reach a fundamental framework? Or will they continue down the rabbit hole like Alice?

So back in the "day" great thinkers did not focus on just one subject. Science, astrology, alchemy, naturalism, hell physics were all the same endeavor. The attempt to understand reality and man's place in it, I believe, was the motivation.

Now professions and areas of study have become so specific that we have lost the ability to make connections across these rigid structures of thought (where is the art of thought). My argument against that framework is that when we attempt to consider all things, what is now termed "lateral" thinking, eh words), increases the opportunities in a breakthrough.

A breakthrough being a personally jarring event that fundamentally alters the individuals understanding and thus perception of the universe. Its like if you work in a factory that produces dog food (love the puppies), then all you think about is dog food. Well, if you would like to consider other things, then that becomes the work. 
Alright lets try to wrap this up, I believe that not only is the diversity of experience important, but the diversity of though as well. And the attempt to try and link these different experiences and/or subjects of thought (or study) can bring about individual revelations that are profound. 
I believe that its our job to remember these connections and correlations.
One could argue that nature itself is the reason, the result and the revelation of this interconnection.

Oh yeah, race cars, thunderstorms, and the ego.

If you are into racing take a look at formula D (drift). If you are not into racing, look anyways.

These guys accelerate their cars and then purposely throw (I do mean throw) their cars into a controlled tailspin. Their badges of honor are scrapping the wall of the track with the tail wing of the car, the tips of the exhaust. Life to them is being artistic and edgy as possible in a car with 1000 hp or horsepower, seeing how close they can get to utter annihilation, and dance on that edge then survive to talk of the experience.

What is a good thunderstorm, the interface of moisture, high and low pressure. Lightening, the cleansing rain. Chaos in a handbag.
Similarities between the two experiences.. I think so..

Now ego, well, we are working on that..........

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