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First of all, happy holidays, best wishes and good fortune to you!

I saw rainbow today, and now I write this post.
Lets start with the rainbow. While staring at the colors I began to think the elements, but before that, the first the "basic?" observations.
The rain storm was moving in a northeast direction from my viewpoint.
It was the late afternoon, in winter, and the sun was low on the horizon.
Rain was falling at my vantage point but it came from the southern end of the storm so that the rays of the low, setting sun was shining at almost a perpendicular angle to the vertical falling rain.
As I looked to the northeast, I saw the rainbow.
Double rainbow, with a deep red color connecting the two.
The violent color band also appeared to separate into multiple bands with a small amount of space in between. Pretty cool.

Now as I witnessed the colors produced by this situation, I began to think about the elements. From an esoteric perspective.
There is the sun, or fire. Which I currently understand came first in the production of elements.
Then came water.
This makes sense to me now based on this "earthly" observation.
The combination of these two elements, at a specific juxtaposition to each other, produced the rainbow.
Colors, our fundamental observable spectrum that is the foundation of all that we "see" here in Midgard.
But also, there is the observer. Me.
I can only see a very small percentage of the total electro magnetic spectrum for which these colors fall into.

In that very moment of me staring at that rainbow, I see the process of creation through the interactions of fire and water, from a terrestrial perspective.

But now I wonder about air and earth.
Are my observance that of the phenomena of air (observation and thought)?
Also I could have only witnessed that event through my own physical, earthly being, at that moment?
At least in the way I describe it to you, here, now?

Amazing how a "simple" rainstorm can stimulate thoughts concerning the very essence of existence itself.

The subtle, can be powerful.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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